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  1. I need to sell My 240z I would classify it as a restomod in progress. 71 240z Vg30et, holset, ms2, e85, t5, r200 minimal rust.needs a little body work. Well I need to sell what should I list it for I'm located in northern California
  2. I need to sell My 240z I would classify it as a restomod in progress. 71 240z Vg30et, holset, ms2, e85, t5, r200 minimal rust.needs a little body work. Well I need to sell what should I list it for? I'm located in northern California sacramento. Also I tried uploading images and it did not work. I really need some advice, James 916 201 2339 call or text would also be appreciated.
  3. Well its been almost a year since my last post and I have not touched the car since. Other projects took priority. But I will get back to it soon.
  4. The child size air cleaner is there temporarily. Left to do before firing engine: Make drivers side header Finish welding motor mounts Misc. plumbing & wiring
  5. I have been doing lots of little things on the car nothing too interesting. I put on my new edelbrock intake with holley 600cfm carb. I modified a universal throttle bracket to work with the stock throttle cable.
  6. I would try threading in the bolt and then drilling and tapping the bolt to install the purchased adjustable pivot. Also the t5 in my car is holding up fine after 10 years@300+hp.
  7. I'm planning on putting the vg30 back when it comes time for smog.
  8. So I got some 1 3/4 long tube headers at a garage sale for $40. After trying to fit them it's obvious that they are hitting everywhere. I debated on getting some shorty headers but that's too easy. So out came the sawzall and cutting discs. I had to cut all of this off to make them bolt up.its going to be quite a challenge given the space limitations and the fact that I'm starting with basically half a header.
  9. Engines in! Mounts are welded in. I am going to concentrate on the passenger side exhaust next because that will dictate placement of fuel lines and wiring.
  10. I got the pan all welded up. I think I lost about half of quart capacity, no problem.
  11. I got the engine test fit.plenty of clearance for distributor, steering shaft radiator, oil filter. Can definitely run some block hugger headers or maybe some mid length. The main problem now is the oil pan hits.I cut out a piece then clean weld clean coat install.
  12. I bought these engine swap universal mounts they should work great, they come with plates that I will weld to the frame rails.here is the transmission all bolted up.I'm ready to put in the engine/trans. I just have to bolt up oem trans mount. Set the engine into position and weld up the engine mount plates.I was lifting the engine and my 12 year old harbor freight hoist exploded guess I will have to wait to put it in. Ugh...
  13. Thanks twisted. I just tapped the last hole for my adapter, I still need to finish the dowel pin holes but for now I'm switching to assembling the engine until more parts show up.
  14. Before YouTube I used to watch his videos and show all my friends, super cool.
  15. Here is the start of my adapter. I know it's a bit unconventional. Most people us some kind of spacer plate with countersunk bolts and new bolt pattern. I think should work fine once its finished.
  16. I started the conversion process with modified pilot bushing enlarged to fit the nissan input shaft. And then I just stuck them together for fun.(this is with no clutch/flywheel) The chevy flywheel is too big, a little grinding and it will fit no problem. Next I put on the clutch plate slid on the tranny and it wouldn't seat. Turns out the clutch was too tall and the throwout bearing retainer was too long. So after a full day of researching I found a flat diaphram clutch plate and a 350z bearing retainer which is shorter. Plenty of clearance.
  17. Now at this point I wanted make a stand so that I could work on the back of the engine to build my adapter plate. I had some scrap tubing and came up with this.
  18. I started off by going through the engine. Started tearing down the engine for inspection. All looked good until... Found a destroyed piston. This was kind of a bummer, luckily cylinder is fine. The other 7 pistons were undamaged. I the engine has been bored 040 over making it 288.8 ci, call it a 289 just to confuse the ford guys. Well I had to wait for parts so I decided to give clean her up a bit.
  19. Here is the car at the beginning of the project.
  20. So I had a 283 out of a 66 chevy and I decided I wanted to try putting in my z31. I wanted to keep it a manual transmission but I didnt have any gm transmissions that fit my budget for a 5 speed. I've always wanted to make a transmission adapter, how hard could it be? Just go for it see what happens. So I decided to use the fs5w71c that came in the car.
  21. I'm running side exit exhaust on my 240z 3 inch to 2.5. I just kept it tucked up close to bottom of car with rigid exhaust hangers. Exits on passenger side no issues with fumes at all.
  22. I found a pressure plate with a flat diaphragm for a chevy hopefully it will work.
  23. I have determined that chevy clutch plate that I have now will not work as the fingers protrude to high into bellhousing. With the nissan plate installed it fits and allows for good clutch fork actuation. I'm just looking for clutch plate that will bolt on to a sbc flywheel and have a lower profile similar to the nissan one.
  24. I'm in the process of adapting an 85 5 speed to a 66 chevy 283. So far the transmission should fit. The current issue is the clutch and release bearing height. So I am looking for a low profile clutch for a sbc, looking for stock replacement not anything too pricey, any ideas? Top is nissan clutch stuck on chevy flywheel, bottom is stock chevy clutch.
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