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  1. Here is a pretty sweet treatment for the rear quarter panel... And I've always liked this kind of blue paint scheme with the white stripes. I wish the front quarter photo showed better detail. The shadows are a little too dark to see what the rear quarter really looks like from that angle. That said, I like Sung Kang's FuGu Z better. It is more respectful of the original design. When aftermarket body panels are seamlessly attached to the S30, I think it rarely turns out well. Quite often it looks like an attempt by unqualified persons to improve on an original design which is already nearly perfect. I think pocket flares are better because there is no doubt that they are not part of the original design, which protects the integrity of that design while still allowing for functional improvements. It even allows others to try to enhance the design without confusion as to what is being done. I think the designers at Pandem have successfully walked that fine line.
  2. I found these pictures of a Pandem body kit on an S30 that have really captured my imagination. I was looking at the Pandem/Rocket Bunny body kit for the Nissan 240 SX/SIlvia a while back and found myself impressed, but still harboring some reservations. Now to see the Pandem treatment of the S30, I am much more interested. I think I just like the S30 better to start with. The 240SX The Awesome S30
  3. Found this picture. Those are the wheel flares, but not the nose that I'm interested in. The problem with artistic renderings of custom cars is that what you see on paper can't always be reproduced in reality. I find that in seeing these flares on the vehicle that I don't like them as much as I thought I would. Fortunately, I think I found another alternative.
  4. It looks very similar, but not finding much more about it.
  5. I wish I had better developed skills for working with sheet metal for auto bodies, but right now I'm on the composites path. If Fred Singer can take old Porsche 911's and replace the hood, fenders and the roof with carbon fiber composite material, and then sell those cars for more than $300,000, then by golly, composites are good enough for me! 😉
  6. wrenchtech

    Posting FAQ section - no replies allowed

    Where is the posting FAQ? The software that's used to run this forum it Is significantly different from what I'm used to that I need to learn a few things, like how to embed YouTube video and how to link to other threads. And I think there are more good features that I probably should know about.
  7. In the meantime, I've been playing around with fiberglass and mold making. Recently I have been working on making some quarter panels for my first generation Toyota 4 runner. And I've been watching this guy. I think he made some cars for Hollywood movies. In any case he goes in depth on clay modeling custom car panels. It's interesting stuff. And it's interesting to consider that is the old school method in a world where computer aided design CAD and Computer aided manufacturing are gaining ground. Excellent YouTube on Clay Modeling Custom Car Panels
  8. . . I am not against flares with screw pockets, I don't want to give that impression. It's just that I really like the car as it is in this drawing. I would really like to see it come to life. Of course the guys at Carbon Signal have the hands on experience. There may be reasons I don't know about, aside from aesthetics, that had them go in a different direction. I will try to search for some information about the flares from SSWorx.
  9. . The headlight surrounds are very 280zx-like as well. I also like the wheel flares better than the current Carbon Signal stuff. They seem to blend in with the rest of the car better and look less like add-ons. I like the fact that the top section doesn't have screw pockets and looks molded in. I also like how the leading edge of the black section at the front of the flare is almost straight.
  10. I responded to your post above, but the quote got messed up so I don't know if you were notified. I have been away from this forum for years and am not familiar the software that they are using now.
  11. I think the proportions of this concept better suit a 280zx (s130). The car seems a little bit wider than an s30 could ever be relative to the other dimensions. I really like the car depicted though. The s130 is about 500 lbs heavier than the s30. I wonder how much of that weight would be easily gotten rid of.
  12. . . Always had a soft spot for a good g-nose.
  13. How do you position the ball joints before welding? Do you have some kind of jig to hold things so that your work is consistent and precise? Would love to see something about your differential swap too.
  14. Thanks for pointing that out. A Google image search hadn't produced anything. Unfortunately the parts they're making it Carbon Signal aren't nearly as cool as the concept drawing. It Looks like I will have to make my own.
  15. It is quite a departure from the more traditional lines of a 240 – 280Z while still retaining much that is good about the design of the original car. The Pandem/Rocket Bunny look doesn't do much for me, This, on the other hand, is right on the money as far as I am concerned. The front end is depicted as one piece. I am trying to imagine how it could be made with a separate hood that actually pivots on a hinge like the stock hood. I am also terribly curious to see what the designer has in mind for the back end. If anybody knows more or has some considered opinion I'd like to hear about it.