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  1. Back when I had an r200 in the common 3.54 ratio I drove thousands of miles in a given trip without noise. I think a big part of it is the fact that less common ratios are unavailable and tend to be worn out when they get replaced in peoples project cars. Even Ford had issues with their explorer differential that howled constantly because of a pinion bearing issue. I'm not entirely sure using sound deadening will help much, because all of my customers with the mustang differentials use the poly bushings my kit comes with, and the only ones that come back with noise complaints are those who
  2. Yes you can weld tabs to the datsun strut and use that, but I don't recommend it. I did it one time and will never again. Up front especially it becomes a nightmare to work around. Converting to 4 lug is recommended by sending the hubs to a professional that will build up the low side and then machine and drill for new studs. Not cheap. Here's another customer pic. I don't always get pictures back, but when I do I try to remember to post them. Btw it's been over 2 years now since the first v8 datsun drove on one of these differentials and he has had no
  3. Here's a Couple pictures of Dustin's 6 speed super 8.8 swapped 240z. He actually has the Subaru rack swap as well so it'll be interesting to see this particular car on the road soon.
  4. Dss sells a 9 inch IRS conversion for the 2015 mustang. You might have to clearance some parts of my kit to make it work but it's possible. Not a cheap proposition btw, because you would be needing to buy my kit, their kit and still build the 9 inch center itself...
  5. 3.15 is it. While not ideal it definitely beats dealing with the many issues the explorer IRS differential has.
  6. This guy used base model v6 2015 rear brakes on the kit and kept his rear mounted sway bar as well. And here's another one from a different car. David recently swapped to a 3.55 lsd differential from the 3.31 he was using and continues to relentlessly abuse his setup without a care in the world. Andrew and his procharged super clean gold car is out there constantly as well.
  7. Tried and true at 900hp so far with no limit in sight is the 34 spline super 8.8 swap. It's held up at power levels where others have failed in various ways. Honestly don't bother with t3 for this application, I have a few customers who broke those setups at much much less hp. And I've seen explorer 8.8 setups fail as well. Keep in mind dss sells 2,000hp axles for a 2015 mustang. So if it's durability you're looking for, that's honestly the only way to go. Also, to be able to actually drive the car, the 3.15 or 3.31 ratio would definitely be a plus....
  8. Some guys choose to widen their track and use commonly available positive offset wheels without spacers. Additional length axle shafts aren't a problem at all, just let me know ahead of time. To date, there have been NO issues with anyone breaking mounts, or breaking either the axles or the diff. Or howling or vibrations from the diff. Thousands of miles, more than a dozen cars on the actual road and track, with cars continuing to be in various stages of completion day by day. I will however advice people to measure the axle plunge on
  9. I'm on version 8 now, as version 7 is completely sold out and I'm welding 6 days a week to catch up with everyone. Here's some pictures of version 7 for reference.
  10. Couple pics of older versions some guys finished, and some of the updates for version 7. Version 7 completely sold out and it's been 6 days a week welding and other work for me. Btw, those interested in running +20mm offset wheels on factory fenders can contact me and I'll have their cv shafts in a custom length. There's a seperate thread for the front conversion using 2014 mustang spindles, but some guys widen their track width using custom ball joint pockets for a mustang, and then use easy to find wheels made for a 240sx, but with the longer bearing life and bette
  11. Those plates on the right are tabs to weld to existing coilovers, and use 2014 mustang spindles up front and the kit in the rear. The one with the hole is a replacement ball joint pocket to splice with the control arms and use new ball joints instead of cutting up used mustang control arms for the front spindle swap.
  12. Version 6 fully welded, with donor axles and custom shafts all in one picture.
  13. Version 6 incoming but here are a couple pictures of version 5.
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