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  1. Those plates on the right are tabs to weld to existing coilovers, and use 2014 mustang spindles up front and the kit in the rear. The one with the hole is a replacement ball joint pocket to splice with the control arms and use new ball joints instead of cutting up used mustang control arms for the front spindle swap.
  2. Version 6 fully welded, with donor axles and custom shafts all in one picture.
  3. Version 6 incoming but here are a couple pictures of version 5.
  4. Back to the grind. Version 5 with it's sunk tabs makes for easy welding. Version 6 ordered from the laser cutters and on it's way, it's substantially lighter while giving up nothing in strength. Will post pics with updates.
  5. Kind of a dead topic, but following up on the flat plate t3 calls a "cradle" ... A guy with an r230 swap bent it street driving with 450hp. He contacted t3 about it and they ghosted him, which seams to be the norm for them. Not the first person I've talked to who's had the same experience. He ended up selling the r230 setup, welding neon coilover tabs to his struts and doing mustang hubs instead. Now he has a big gap above his diff because the mustang diff doesn't require notching the frame rail above it. The super 8.8 is a cut down 10.25 sterling... and it is NOT
  6. Version 5 has some updates that allow it to be welded better. The tabs are all half the height of the slots. There has also been a lot of weight shed that doesn't compromise the strength this setup is known for. Showing version 5 may not mean much since this entire batch is spoken for and I'm already brewing ideas to improve version 6 with, but it's all part of the story and everyone's feedback is very appreciated and taken seriously.
  7. Video of Andrew's 900hp supercharged v8 datsun hooking up and surprising a nitrous straight pipe fox body which had problems hooking up on this surface. Couple pics of a different customers install I did over the weekend. Something I wanted to point out... the axles for this swap are readily available, extremely strong and VERY affordable. The custom length shafts use common OEM v8 mustang cv donors. I'm pointing this out specifically because I've run across several people who've reached out to me because they had been burned on the axle situation from
  8. Flipping the control arms moves the inboard pivot back so it doesn't bind up when the tension rod is tightened to move the ball joint back.
  9. Moving the top of the shock mount backward allows for caster to be useful. Not moving the top and only moving the bottom backwards will be bad for handling because it further takes away the already barely existing caster these cars come with.
  10. Just for clarification the new t3 tie rods are the exact taper needed for 2014 mustang control arms. No drilling needed. They bolt right up, gold car did exactly that. And as to the caster, only way this mod works well is if the camber plates up top are rotated and used to move the shock backwards the same amount or more then the entire control arm is moved down below. Or in David's case with the blue car, he did the caster up top but kept the control arms the same, and cut the fender to clear his tires since he flared the car anyway. Here is a picture of
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