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  1. It won't help too much, but it will give you more caster if you drill 3 new holes in the shock towers. It's a tight fit but this particular car ended up with 4.5 degrees of caster, and thats with doing a 2014 mustang spindle swap up front, which we chose to move his balljoints back half an inch to offset the bearing center being forward. You should get even more caster with stock datsun spindles and will also allow you to freely use an adjustable tension rod without performance losses. For example, my own rusty pile of junk has over 8 degrees of caster, but i sectioned and opened up my shock tower tops and moved the top back over an inch. My bottom balljoint is moved back half an inch as well.
  2. After 4,500 miles in two weeks, and a dozen low 10 and high 9 second passes, Jason is back home from Rocky Mountain race week, having driven the ENTIRE way and placing 3rd place in the 10.00 true street class.
  3. The mustang diff in this application takes up ALL of the available space, but no cutting of the body is needed. It's a simple replacement for the r200.... after you get coilovers anyway.
  4. If you're planning on making enough power to fully use a 3.36 gear then don't bother keeping the r200 or trying to find one and then put an lsd in it... 3.31 mustang diff is already 34 spline lsd and they're 100 bucks plus shipping on ebay. The 31 spline explorer diff can be 3.27 as well, but they're nowhere near as reliable or strong and the kits from every company that sells explorer swap kits has SERIOUS issues and an unacceptable failure rate. Several of the guys who swapped to the mustang super 8.8 had catastrophic failure at moderate to low hp levels when they had other setups... and some of them were expensive and name brand... Mustang brakes are 150 bucks for the rear, Mustang hubs are 150 for the pair And a diff is anywhere from 100 to 1200 bucks depending on ratio. Ironically the taller 3.31 and 3.15 gearing is dirt cheap. The 3.55 can be had for a decent price, but 3.73 and 4.09 start going up. Granted, this pales in comparison to r200 lsd prices, and the cost of replacing the axles and stubs with something advertised as stronger than stock... nevermind trying to find the elusive 3.36 r200.
  5. Jason is rounding the final day of rocky mountain race week using this setup. He's 3rd place in the 10.00 true street class and drove a couple thousand miles so far in the course of a week and a half and will be driving that datsun home over 1,000 miles to California from kansas.
  6. Something to consider is that a k24 swap is going to want a 4.09 or even 4.56 final drive... and as others already mentioned, the 280z outer stubs are now approaching 50 years old... micro fractures and other issues will eventually rear their ugly head. Consider the cost of an lsd unit, the intended ratio that fits your drivetrain needs, and the cost of disc brake conversions, future diff rebuilds and so on. There's a LOT of factors there.
  7. The tube section that the has the 5/8 bolt going through it is shorter by 3/4 and i now include that 3/4 long section for people to place in front of, or behind the upright piece. Or section it and space it exactly to your liking, depending on how your shock upper setup is. Moving the wheel back requires moving the strut top back as well to prevent binding.
  8. Moving the wheel back centers it a little better in the quarter panel opening and allows maximum tire to fit whatever your flare or not flare setup is. The stock wheel placement is heavily forward and the tires hit the front of the wheel well once you start getting too big.
  9. Did an install this weekend and grabbed a photo of the 3.55 diff in my latest cradle.
  10. Going to point out that jason hit a personal best of 9.88 @ 137.8 with his turbo 4.8 using cheap neon coilovers and his super 8.8 swap kit which has NO issues holding down the power. The second thing worth mentioning is now the latest version of the kit allows moving the wheel back up to 3/4 rearward. This is dependent on what you are willing to do up top to match, i designed and now offer conversion tops that move the shock back if using cheap coilovers like jason did. Using other brands of coilovers you can redrill the shock tower and rotate the camber plate if you like to squeeze a little more. 3/4 is about the limit because after that you run into the sheetmetal.
  11. Had a great weekend watching Jason's 3,000 lb datsun put down low 10 second passes effortlessly using the super 8.8 setup on cheap coilovers and stock control arms. He pulled a personal best of 9.9 @ 134 at the end of that weekend.
  12. Looking forward to seeing what shane does with his kit. He was actually there at the half mile event when me and David were testing the very first super 8.8 swap. Now jason, shane and David all have the diff setup. All 3 of them have different generations of it but they're basically the same swap.
  13. Believe it or not im on version 10. I stopped doing tacked kits long ago, because spending hundreds of hours working for free got old. David is still putting miles on his car to this day, and many many cars are out there happily dumping the clutch at 5,000 rpm.
  14. Couple pics from a recent install I did a couple weeks ago in a customers car.
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