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  1. Yes I have no issue with just the hub uprights. Just ask.
  2. Here's the thread involving the front end swap using 2014 mustang spindles and the front coilovers off the neon. This allows you to buy a complete set of neon coilovers and use them. Takes a few mods to make it work up front but it's straightforward. To summarize the rear end setup and answer a couple questions I'll post some key points. The bracket in the way is on the left side of the trans tunnel in the back, it's not part of the parking brake assembly so I can only assume it's for the factory exhaust. Factory mustang track width is 64 inches... therefore the axles cannot be used as is. But the shafts needed use factory v8 cv parts so wear items are a non issue. This setup converts to 5 lug, but retains factory track width of 53 inches. Works with 2014 mustang or 2015 mustang brakes. Both readily available and dirt cheap. Dust shields for the rear will need work because the factory 2015 hubs are used but obviously not the spindles. About the custom shafts... to date, there have been no less than 40 shafts purchased and delivered to people. Only thing custom about them is the length, so you don't need to go through me to get custom shafts in the future. Granted your prices may vary but you can send a pair of v8 axles to any reputable axle maker and ask for shafts to fit your needed application. Also, custom high hp axles are available that are advertised to 800hp and 2,000hp. I've contacted them and asked if custom lengths are an option and they are happy to provide them. Most people opt for the DIY version of the kit, they get hardware and cradle and two uprights that are all tacked together but unfinished. They then finish the kit and add whatever custom touches they want. Yes it's designed around an r200 mustache bar but you can just as easily weld on tubing and use bushings to avoid paying for an r200 mustache bar... Noah literally did exactly that.
  3. David has been driving his for about half a year, I'll ask him for any specs. He may have eyeballed the alignment. I'll ask Andrew as well and see if they can get us numbers. Maybe noah...
  4. Raising the diff up can be done, but you're going to have to notch the frame rail above it. Plus you'll run out of room unless you plan on getting rid of the factory parking brake assembly.
  5. Pinion angle was measured and it came out to be a couple degrees. This is why the crossmember needed to be notched, otherwise the pinion angle will be too much. Another option would be to cut the body of the datsun similar to an r230 swap and tuck the diff itself higher on relation to the car. This would require moving the rear plate down on the cradle and tacking up in a new location. Would also require breaking a couple tacks on the front mounts and matching the angle of the diff or at least the location. Most people don't need that since it's a tight fit, but works as is. And most aren't interested in cutting up ththe body of the car itself either.
  6. Shown here is the optional crossmember used to create clearance for the pinion without having to notch the factory one. Both are viable options and I recommend tying in the verticals for maximum strength regardless.
  7. Minor improvements for v3, namely the ability to jump from 2015 to 2014 brakes and back as needed. Also tabbed a few spots to keep it from moving around too much during welding etc. David still rocking v1 in his 800hp car without issues half a year later.
  8. Heck ya, axles looking good. Btw, 2018 mustang stick v8 cars are using gt350 axles. Gt350 axles are basically the same right axle, but the left has been increased in diameter and cv size. They will not work for this conversion. So you need v8 axles 2015 to 2017 and 2018 must be v8 automatic axles.
  9. Ah, yeah I didn't know BMW diff was weak.
  10. Are BMW hub bearings bolt on? If they are you could have someone cut something like this, hack it together and use your diff, and all BMW bearings and brakes. I use this as part of a completely different (mustang) IRS diff setup but you may have good results with a similar concept.
  11. Pic of another car with 2014 mustang spindles. It moves the wheel forward by 3/4 btw. So a heads up for anyone planning on larger diameter tires.
  12. Shafts themselves are rated to 800tq, 8 ball v8 mustang cv ratings are unknown but whole assembly has been kicking butt on an 800hp car with zero issues since install. As per forum rules prices cannot be discussed in the technical threads, so PM me and I'll gladly let you know everything. To put it in perspective though... complete pair including low mileage v8 cv usually ends up costing less than the discontinued oem Nissan turbo z32 axle PER SHAFT... IF you can get them. We're talking about 34 spline inner stubs, 8 ball cv, heat treated custom shafts and 32 spline outer using a bolt on hub with a SUBSTANTIAL bearing size to boot.
  13. Pic of the summers brothers racing shafts on mustang v8 cv cores. The left and right factory shafts are shown next to the completed assembly.
  14. Obviously I can't stop to take pictures of everything going out the door, but here's a couple more uprights set up for 2015 brakes and hubs tacked up for someone. Oh and shout out to summers brothers racing. They make a kickass set of axles for this conversion. Roughly a dozen pairs so far and the fitment is amazing.
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