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  1. Btw... axles ending in BF also work. Here's a video on the updates.
  2. Here's a couple examples I pulled off ebay... took less than 5 min to find.
  3. Entire rear subframe can be had for anything from 500 to 1200 plus freight. Just the bare diff itself ranges from $100 to $900 and is available in 3.15, 3.31 all the way up to 4.09 factory. Aftermarket 4.56 gears are also available. The most common ones are 3.15 from a v6 rental and 3.31 off an ecoboost. Ebay is full of them, ALL have lsd but some even come with torsen.
  4. 3.15 has it's own lsd, and 3.31 to 4.56 share the same carrier and can be interchanged. The strength of aluminum ears is only in question because of the design of the factory mustang mounts, my setup doesnt use bushings on the 4 corners but ties everything together with a solid cradle. But for maximum strength, the iron case is definitely the way to go. The auto and manual input yoke are different, but swapping to the f250 slip yoke makes this a non issue. There are several different axles from the factory, ALL of them use 34 spline inner stubs, and 32 spline outer, but have different cv size and intermediate shafts... I provided the part numbers for the v8 shafts, which work work with the racing shafts from summers brothers racing. Those shafts, like in David's car, are designed around the bigger v8 cv and won't work with the smaller v6 cv... something to keep in mind when hunting for cores to build. Noah has an aluminum 3.15 diff off a v6 rental car and is using the same 34 spline v8 shafts as david and me.
  5. Video of our adventures during the race event. We had a lot of fun despite shredding the blower belt and not reaching out target speed. Brief summary of the entire concept of the swap as follows. - Bushings. That's right, the diff is SOLID mounted to the cradle, which is a two part assembly that uses bushings up front and ties into the r200 mustache bar to use the bushings there. They really only absorb sharp impacts and harmful vibrations to prevent cracks from forming. But even so, we didn't hear the diff at all. That worn out t56 is another story... The diff is huge... it's literally a cut down 10.25 inch... 34 spline axles and all. Speaking of axles... options on end. The cheapest being a couple race shafts on cheap v8 cv assemblies... and nicest being 2,000 hp axles from DSS. Admittedly they quoted me at 100 bucks over selling price for custom length 800hp axles, so I still need to get with them about the 2,000 hp axles... I'll post when I know. Gear choices. 3.15 has it's own lsd, but 3.31 to 4.56 can be rebuilt as whatever ratio you want on the same LSD... and all use the same 34 spline axles. Speaking of LSD, they all come with it, but some even come with a torsen, at a higher price of course. Or it can ordered separate. Yokes for 1330 or 1350 u joints are readily available. Thanks to Ford using the same tooling for years on end. Its 31 spline for future reference. Bolt on hubs for dirt cheap, as of this writing timken hubs are 69 dollars and they're 14mm on the studs. Brakes... you will need longer parking brake cables, but the parking brake is built into the caliper on both the 2014 and the 2015 brakes. Using 2014 brakes allows some 15 inch wheels to fit but requires cleaning up a shoulder on the hub bore... or the rotor itself. Obviously 2015 brakes won't require this, but will require 16 inch wheels for the smallest brake... the big 13 inch rear brakes require a 17 inch wheel. You can do what you like of course, but the whole setup is designed to utilize all 8 bolts on an integrated front mount. And the bushings are placed as close in line with the bolts as possible to eliminate torque load on the bolts. Oh yeah, almost forgot... at the hub camber adjustment. No need for camber plates, although some choose to use them.
  6. As in? Diff went in, stayed in and gave us no issues. It's a tight fit but works great. Only issue I can forsee is someone not welding it to the crossmember correctly, or warping the crossmember while notching it.
  7. Swap kit for s30 datsuns to swap the super 8.8 off a 2015 and up mustang into the 240z, 260z, 280z Comes with uprights that bolt up to off the shelf 2004 neon srt4 coilovers and a cradle kit for the super 8.8 diff. Brakes, bolt on hub, donor cv axle parts and diff all off a 2015 mustang. 5x114.3 bolt pattern. 2014 brakes will work for some 15 inch wheels and will bolt up with 5/16 caliper spacers that can be ordered extra or can make your own. Kit is currently in an 800hp procharged 260z and has been 157 mph so far with no issues. Tacked kit for the DIY user is 600 plus shipping. Fully welded kit is $900 plus shipping. 800 tq rated axle shafts available for 600 per pair, or can order 800 hp race axles in the custom length needed. DSS gave me a quote of an extra $100 if you order their axles in a custom length. Feel free to ask questions, also can accommodate special requests within reason.
  8. David's 800hp datsun is now equipped with the super 8.8 differential swap. 1/2 mile racing it on Saturday.
  9. Giant 14 inch brembos on David's car. If he used the 15 inch brembos he'd need even bigger wheels. Barely fit as is.
  10. Dcr.david on Instagram got ahold of the 14 inch brembos at 77 bucks a caliper and is using them with 18 inch wheels on his crazy 800hp blue machine. Looking forward to seeing how well they do.
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