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  1. Ah, yeah I didn't know BMW diff was weak.
  2. Are BMW hub bearings bolt on? If they are you could have someone cut something like this, hack it together and use your diff, and all BMW bearings and brakes. I use this as part of a completely different (mustang) IRS diff setup but you may have good results with a similar concept.
  3. Pic of another car with 2014 mustang spindles. It moves the wheel forward by 3/4 btw. So a heads up for anyone planning on larger diameter tires.
  4. Shafts themselves are rated to 800tq, 8 ball v8 mustang cv ratings are unknown but whole assembly has been kicking butt on an 800hp car with zero issues since install. As per forum rules prices cannot be discussed in the technical threads, so PM me and I'll gladly let you know everything. To put it in perspective though... complete pair including low mileage v8 cv usually ends up costing less than the discontinued oem Nissan turbo z32 axle PER SHAFT... IF you can get them. We're talking about 34 spline inner stubs, 8 ball cv, heat treated custom shafts and 32 spline outer using a bolt on hub with a SUBSTANTIAL bearing size to boot.
  5. Pic of the summers brothers racing shafts on mustang v8 cv cores. The left and right factory shafts are shown next to the completed assembly.
  6. Obviously I can't stop to take pictures of everything going out the door, but here's a couple more uprights set up for 2015 brakes and hubs tacked up for someone. Oh and shout out to summers brothers racing. They make a kickass set of axles for this conversion. Roughly a dozen pairs so far and the fitment is amazing.
  7. Test fitting kits on my spare 3.31 lsd diff. That crossmember is optional and is for people not wanting to notch their own factory front LCA mounts like we did on David's car.
  8. V 2.0 of the uprights. Same design, even more camber adjustment and shed a little weight while still keeping most of its strength. And let's face it, "most" of it's strength is still head and shoulders over what else is out there.
  9. I'm not a hard guy to find. PM me for my number or just contact me on Instagram, Facebook under my youtube channel name of Invincible Extremes
  10. This one going out in the morning, itll still need to be tied into the notched crossmember, and fully welded up. Jig for the cradle is built so it's going very smoothly so far.
  11. Here's a couple examples I pulled off ebay... took less than 5 min to find.
  12. Entire rear subframe can be had for anything from 500 to 1200 plus freight. Just the bare diff itself ranges from $100 to $900 and is available in 3.15, 3.31 all the way up to 4.09 factory. Aftermarket 4.56 gears are also available. The most common ones are 3.15 from a v6 rental and 3.31 off an ecoboost. Ebay is full of them, ALL have lsd but some even come with torsen.
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