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  1. Giant 14 inch brembos on David's car. If he used the 15 inch brembos he'd need even bigger wheels. Barely fit as is.
  2. Dcr.david on Instagram got ahold of the 14 inch brembos at 77 bucks a caliper and is using them with 18 inch wheels on his crazy 800hp blue machine. Looking forward to seeing how well they do.
  3. this gets better and better.... you can run a 1350 u joint yoke directly without any adapters.
  4. Noah dropkin making progress on his datsun using a tacked kit I shipped him. He didn't have an r200 mustache bar so he made ears to add to the back plate.
  5. You would need a hybrid axle... 240sx on one end and 2015 mustang on the other end... the weak link being the 240sx parts. Or just drill the mustang hubs for 4 lug... that would be strongest. Here's another customer setup I tacked together. He'll need to notch his crossmember and tie in with the two halves up front... or I can provide a laser cut crossmember already tied in... working on getting a batch of those in once I design that. I changed the angle of the diff which works better with an rb25 or an LS. Carbed motors sit at an angle and it worked with the older version but a more inline approach is what most will need.
  6. Built a mock up kit in foam board which allowed me to take it with me and draft up a bunch of the parts and I then took out some weight in areas that didn't need the extra material. Paid for a batch of different parts to get laser cut, which definitely speeds up my efforts vs having to hand cut all the parts. Working on a few customer orders at the moment and I'll post pictures before I ship them out. Also having a small batch of 800tq axle shafts made for this conversion. Last batch we got fit perfect so we're getting more. $65 per decent cv axle plus the $300 each shaft makes for some relay cheap, really strong cv axles. Maybe one day I'll go with some of the aftermarket 800hp, 1400hp or 2000 hp axle assemblies being offered for the 2015 mustang but in a car as light as a datsun I dont see the need just yet. And as someone pointed out... LESS has done 8's in the 1/4 mile.
  7. thank you, edited best I could and I will stick to the rules and post in the vender forum when i have kits available.
  8. In short. Kit is bolt in instead of an r200. One bracket on the drivers side in the trans tunnel is in the way but the parking brake cables are left untouched. Uses 2015 mustang brakes, hubs, cv axle parts and diff. Requires custom length axle shafts if using factory cv. Or 800hp and 1400hp race axles. The kit bolts up to 2004 neon coilovers with swapped tops. Also has the option to run smaller 2014 mustang brakes and use 15 inch wheels as a result. New 34 spline super 8.8 is 30% stronger than the older 31 spline 8.8 diff and shares NO parts with them. Thats a quote direct from ford. Some Older 8.8 swaps have easily held 800hp on a datsun and NONE have ever been this strong or used a cradle. The custom shafts are 800 ft lbs capable but use factory cv so 500hp is what i would trust them at. 800hp has been used on much weaker parts... but I'm not going to make those promises. The 800hp axles sold by DSS are for a 4,000 lb car so you make you own guesses as to what they're good to on a datsun... ***contact for pricing if interested, on an individual basis*** Today for example i ordered some half inch cut pieces at an amazing deal so price will reflect that in the future.
  9. Cutting them by hand takes forever and theres no way i'm working for free.
  10. Bolted everything up and then welded the front part to the crossmember on the customers car. Definitely the strongest way to do it.
  11. Built jig for the uprights and making progress. Still a few more things to finish and I'm dropping it off for the customer. Both sides will be gusseted btw... Oh and had a chance to snap a pic of whats needed from a 2015 mustang (brakes can be 2014 for smaller wheels) Brakes, hubs, cv axles with custom length shaft, and the diff itself comes from one donor car.
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