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  1. that thing is disgusting! great work, as always! Can i borrow it??
  2. there is a member on NICO who had his N1 pump fail him. he was making close to 800whp i believe.
  3. nice i wish it could get one for that price but shipping it back to the states is another thing... looks great! gl
  4. working on that engine in the z33 bay has to be easier, just for minor maintenance, like plugs... looks/sounds awesome
  5. Huh. I wonder if I can use a stagea ecu with my series 1 rb25. I have been a fan of nistune since it launched.
  6. wow! i hope my 260 can look some what as good as this car one day!
  7. so this is the u.s version of the r.i.p.s drag datsun! i love this thread keep up the good work!!
  8. mmm, i am so jealous, i have wanted to drop an rb into the z33 since i first layed eyes on it.
  9. if you have a rb26, weither it be a r32,33 or 34 if you get a harness for a rb26 it should work. i dont think there are that great of if any differences between the generations. unlike the rb25 with the series 1 and 2 and the er34 neo engine there are significant differences. but do some research, if you dont find a solid answer here check the skylines downunder forums. good luck
  10. I have a nismo solid shifter, but it still feels a little sloppy, I need something a little more stiff too.
  11. Hello fellow z owners I am looking to fit a 325/50/15 on the rear of my 260z. I need to know what kind of clearance issues I may run into using the IRS. Has anyone fitted this wide of a tire to their z? If so could you help point me in the right direction? Thanks for reading.
  12. Wow, this remindes me of some of the 2j and rb swapped cars in thailand, this thing is stellar!
  13. Yes that is the IACV(idle air control valve) CONFIRMED!
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