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  1. FSM Pricey? Ha, just go download your year FSM at xenons30 s30 resource page for free, they pretty much are only missing 70 and 71. If more people would at least LOOK at it and TRY to understand it they wouldn't have to come here and piss off everyone to the point they don't even feel like or have a chance to help people with REAL problems and technical questions... There are always going to be people asking stupid questions and getting yelled at by old hags, and there are always going to be people asking "acceptable" questions and getting yelled at by old hags. One day.... maybe one day.... every classic Z owner will have downloaded an FSM, and learned to read for themselves. This is only my third post on this forum even though I've been here for years, because I know how forums work, and yeah I know how forums work lol. Virtually 100% of the time when there is a dumb question asked someone has already screamed at them for me lol.
  2. im so jealous D: you're doing this build the right way, thats for sure! I don't think there is much cooler than a supercharged l28 that is done right, besides maybe a supercharger l28 with nos or meth injection for that extra boost..
  3. I want one... no, need one. Damn I wish I found find an ol' rusty cheapo' s31 turbo. I would have it sent back home, take out a loan and take Leave for a month. Can't seem to find any in albuquerque or in louisville for what I want them for.
  4. Oh man, where did you find these? I guess I'm just not hunting hard enough...
  5. CHEVY SPRINT!! WOO-HOO!!!! they already have a 45+mpg 3 cylinder carb, like 55 highway like 1500lbs or so if I remember correctly. edit: you could even get these bad boys with a turbo! thats some baby muscle right there
  6. pretty cool, nice find I was looking at the 611 red wine metallic, and sure enough when I went out to check what it was on the car it was 611, only had the car a couple days now so I'm just making plans, more important stuff to worry about than paint
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