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  1. I am in, will be needing the headers before spring so I hope I can get into the first batch. Can't wait to see the finished results, exactly what my 71 needs. Thanks Cable
  2. Still going LS1 though , want to make it light as possible. Or you can do as I did and use the 5.3 L33 aluminum motor and spend the same money.
  3. any progress? Mine is getting welded up now, soon, I will have the new driveshaft here so I can put that in and head to the track. Hoping to smoke my best of 12.97. Traction baby.
  4. 12.97 at 108..... Thats where the q45 and DRs come in.
  5. my 5.3l l33 out of an 05 silv 4x4 is rated 310 crank stock and the 99 ls1 was rated 315hp. I realize that GM overrates and underrates, but with the non ls6 intake the power difference is minimal. And my long block was $600 shipped....... Beat that ls1 guys. on another note, my car ran a 12.97 with my one wheel starts. pretty nice for a bone stock motor.
  6. first real drag race. 12.97 was the fastest pass I made. That was with tire spin through first and second and a horrible launch. BONE STOCK 5.3l l33......... take that ls1 trans am... lol Next step, TRACTION. I found a 94 q45 at the local pick and pull and grabbed the whole subframe for $90 bucks with low miles. I plan on running the entire rear subframe with cobra r 17x10.5 wheels on the street with supra 16x9 with slicks for the track. I think thats my best plan. Guess I better be nice to those 315s on the street.... The picture is of BRAAPs for sale post but I figure he wont mind. Thats the same setup I will be running soon. I also plan on running the imsa widebody kit. Turbo is eventually in my future so I will be needing all this. Thanks for watching.
  7. Wow. Thats exactly what I plan to do with my car........ I will be going with the q45 rear but other than that. Definitely subscribing to this. Maybe we can keep each other motivated. The second pic is what Id like my car to look like.
  8. made my first pass in the 280z.

  9. I used a tilton 13/16, just because I found it on ebay off a nascar team. Barely used for $25 shipped.
  10. Ok time for an update. I was a little hard on SSP on the last few posts, I can only blame myself for getting on the forum right after I find somethin goin array. To give credit to SSP, they do have really sweet prices. That is the reason I chose them. That, and I really liked how their business is set up. They are a small business mainly focused on LS1 hot rods, can you say sweet? Anyways, they have done nothing but help me out and I feel bad looking back about what I said. They got the harness I sent them, turns out one of the pins on the tac harness pulled out, the connector was broken when I got it though. They did offer to replace it after I sent it in, but I hope they understand what I have been going through. I just want to drive my car, so if I can get rid of a few extra parts that can go bad, Im going to. And for the record, if I were to do it all over, I would still go to SSP. Only I would probably just get the drive by cable harness just for simplicity in my case. Hope nobody has been turned away from SSP because of me. That would be a shame, this country needs more small business just like SSP to get us back on top. Anyways, back to your regular scheduled program. And I am in no way bein paid for this, I really mean it. Now for the good stuff. My brother is just about ready to start the paint work on my car. I got the gauges in, but forgot to take pics..... DOH. I went with Autometer and another similar gauge. They match pretty well, Im cheap what can I say? I also bought a new rear bumper to match the rest of the body kit that the car came with, dont ask me why the rear bumper was missing. I also worked on the exhaust a little, my bro tried to use the tri flange that came on the headers originally but it didnt work so well so I got vband clamps and flanges so now they will seal good and shouldnt leak a bit. I need pics but forgot my camera. As soon as SSP get my dbc harness to me, my bro should be able to get my baby wipped back into shape. It sucks that I wasnt able to drive her last weekend when I went home, but I probably wouldve broke something anyways. Well, I out. Thanks
  11. That stainless crossover setup makes mine look like crap. Mine doesnt have the turbo on, I figure I will drive it without a turbo til I get the urge, then redesign the crossover to put the turbo on. I am in love with your car though. In a week or so, my car is goin under the knife, er, gun.... My bro is gonna start on his Auto Body Final project so he will be replacing the rust panels and paintin it a super secret color. It will be sweet.....
  12. Just another update with bad news. I have been able to drive the car for the last few weeks with no problems, even had the electric water pump workin good. Then all of a sudden, the pedal quit. SSP thinks it was this or that, but I finally just told them I want it back to cable drive. They are sending me a whole new cable drive setup. Thank god they finally admitted it wasnt going to work right. So now I will be cable driven. I will be trying to get the car dyno tuned in a few weeks after I get the bugs worked out. Video
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