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  1. Cruez

    E6 question..

    I have an E6. My question is it possible to run an additional fuel injector piggy backed off the primary?.. and set up the initial pulse signal to be shorter to essentially cut the amount of fuel per injector. and more available at WOT ... The engine was running an F series before (I think) with 12 injectors.
  2. Will be around a little more since the 510 wagon project is pretty much complete...and then a Sentra diesel project came up....Pulled the 280Z out of the barn and starting back on it. I have a 450 crank hp turbo engine ready to go in... but the floorpans and a few other issues will need to corrected first.
  3. I used the RAAM mat on my wagon build... stuff works great IMO.
  4. Anyone in NC have a complete hatch for an early 300zx? and possibly a windshield?
  5. No one have an opinion? I hate to take apart the whole thing and start from scratch.
  6. I took apart a solid axle H190 rearend. The center chunk was not dissembled, only took it out of the housing. The axles were removed and new axle bearings and seals were put in. Now, when I got it all back together, there now is a whine in the rearend around 45 mph. Here is my question, IF, the axles were put in the opposite side, could that cause the noise? I know it sounds like a pinion meshing noise but could it possibly be because the axles might have swapped sides?
  7. Trying to get prices on all the stuff.. Its not my car, someone I know found it and he is working on getting prices on everything...
  8. Checking on prices for you guys.. As soon as I hear, I post them...
  9. I'll check on the price.....and the distributor..
  10. Don't think it runs.. looks like its been setting a while.. Mainly a parts car...
  11. Wasn't sure if this should go in this section but it seemed to fit.. Have a line on a '82 turbo Z. Looks like most of the parts are there minus the wheels. The interior is not the greatest. A friend contacted be about the car to see if I had any use for anything..so I figured I could help if anyone here needed any.. Anyone looking for any stock turbo parts I can check on off this car? Car is in North Carolina.
  12. I am ashamed... I haven't been reading the posts or posting for that matter in a while.. Besides the powder coating business, the wagon project and we recently had a fire at the house and.... well.... My time is being consumed. I am actually posting from the carPC that will be going in the wagon.. We are at a rental house and all our stuff was taken (that wasn't damaged) to be cleaned... I hope to pay a little more attention to the boards as soon as things settle down a bit around the house.. Ryan
  13. Nice... I was watching the F/A gauge also... seems to be in tune nicely!
  14. I think its a pretty good looking idea.. I like the big wheels on it also, they "fit" the design ques with the shorter body lines.
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