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  1. nismopick

    my 550$ 280zx na to turbo adventure

    Nice build! Glad to see another local S130 Turbo!
  2. So I haven't logged in for a while, now I can't post in the main forums. I imagine there's some "hoop" to jump through every so often? =)
  3. I'm interested in the turbo injectors. Holla at me if you still have them.
  4. nismopick

    FS: Z31T 300ZX Clutch LSD R200 differential

    $650 ( and it will even come w/ the diff still attached. )
  5. Up for sale is a Z31T 300ZX clutch type LSD R200 (3.7:1 ratio) differential from an 88 turbo (non-Shiro) 5speed w/ about 150k miles. The unit is in good working condition & has been drained to be shipped. The only maintenance I suggest would be a new cover gasket (might as well while it’s drained, and out of the car!). Unit weighs 80lbs dry. Asking: $600 plus shipping Shipped from: Bountiful, UTAH 84010 Paypal, cash, or certified bank check only. Shipping costs look to be $40 - $70 to the lower 48 via UPS and Fedex. Email me at nismopick@hotmail.com
  6. nismopick

    Turbo size... Does it matter?

    I think it goes on this motor.... (such a small flywheel!)
  7. nismopick

    My L28et Spearco Intercooler Setup

    There's about 5 billion (slight exaggeration) IC piping kits on ebay from $100-$500.
  8. nismopick

    280zx missing at 1/3 throttle

    Sorry... Pin 28 & 36 are gounds & pin 27 & 35 are switched +12v power. I was thinking of a diff connector when I said one ground needs to stay separate. Here's a pic of my new ecu connector.
  9. nismopick

    1981 280zx engine swap help

    Before this thread hits the tool shed... SEARCH! There's only about 4.2 billion threads about turbo swaps, probably some stickies too. Changes? Yep... wiring, exhaust, some hoses, etc.
  10. I didn't know "dark" was a color.
  11. nismopick

    Timing mark not lining up

    If the rotor is 180 off, couldn't you just rotate the crank through another cycle and then the rotor will be dead on? If the car runs okay, it's not 180* off.
  12. What COLOR is the smoke? Why did you adjust the timing down if it was running great? Have you checked the spark plugs (gap & tip color)? Have you checked the fuel pressure? Have you checked the a/f ratio? Have you tried advancing the timing back to 34*? Have you checked ALL sensors and connections? These are all basic things to check... all of which can be found in your Haynes manual or FSM.
  13. nismopick

    280zx missing at 1/3 throttle

    ^^^ So even after the Z31 ecu swap you have the same prob? Have you run the diagnostic codes? Most of my issues went away when I did my Z31T ecu swap, except for crappy idle & random misses. Running the diagnostic codes helped. I was actually getting random sensor codes. After racking my brain I finally found that the culprit was the bottom ground wires on the lowest ecu plug. They were very loose in the plug itself, and the massive ground collector joint about 4 inches in was really half assed by Nissan. Those grounds control all the major sensors. I cut out and replaced that entire plug w/ one from an 89 Z31, then made my own ground connections. If you do this, pay attention to the wiring schematics, because one ground cannot be grounded to the body as the ecu controls it directly. Now my Z idles & revs great.