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  1. Hey guys, I don't really have a garage anymore due to Harvey and we are actually leaving the city for the Pacific NW coast sometime next year so I'm kind of in a bind. I have a '72 240z with some extensive rust. I can't really attempt to do this myself as a project any longer and I thought about selling her and buying another after I move, but I don't want to lose this car and try and find another which will probably be in a similar state anyway. Is there a shop in Houston that you recommend for the rust repair? I've been in contact with Awesome Z (Doug) and HoustonZAuto. Is there anyone else I should consider leaving my car with for the repair? Thanks in advance!
  2. JaysZ

    Gtr2 Racing Tonight

    I just got this game, now I need to buy the Logitech G25 its too expensive though... might be a little while before I can hit the "buy" button
  3. dental student here but i used to work in many different trades! i miss working on my car
  4. ok cool, i'll do that tonight! thanks!
  5. Hey guys, i have this kill switch that supposedly all BMW's have from the factory, they are later removed at the dealership when they arrive. anyway, i bought one on ebay but does anyone know how to wire it up? here are some pictures: (sorry for the large pics:) the whole thing positive terminal negative terminal thanks in advance!
  6. JaysZ

    wow... simply amazing!

    i hope this isnt a repost... sure is new to me at least! http://www.autoblog.com/2006/11/30/video-homemade-1-3-scale-ferrari-312pb-fully-functional Guy builds his own 1:3 scale model of an exact replica of a Ferrari 312pb... that works!
  7. JaysZ

    Nissan Commercials...

    not a Z commercial... but a great one from nissan no doubt! http://www.toxicjunction.com/get.asp?i=V1364
  8. JaysZ

    A video everyone can enjoy

    l love that song! hahaha but really though... damn she's hot.
  9. hey Ian, thanks for the info. do you have pics of ur setup?
  10. any other info? the dude wants me to ship him my carbs and intake.... not happening any time soon. any other makers of this type of product?
  11. JaysZ

    Source for tripple carb linkage parts???

    i'm diggin this up from the dead... any luck with this?
  12. anyone heard of this place? Ermish Racing.. maybe some of you 510 guys have heard of them. they had an auction on ebay recently for a twin mikuni setup that i'd like to get for my triples but what are your opinions? this is a quote from the auction: "FINALLY A REPLACEMENT TO THE ORIGINAL MIKUNI LINKAGE KIT. CABLE CENTER PULL KIT THAT ELEMENATES THE OLD BALL AND SHAFT STYLE. EASY TO INSTALL AND EVEN EASIER TO KEEP THE CARBS SYNK'ED. SMOOTH PEDAL FEEL WITH A HEAVY DUTY CABLE AND TEFLON LINED COVER. ONE ADJUSTMENT SCREW FOR BALANCE AND ONE SCREW TO SET THE IDLE. ERMISH-RACING.COM" and a pic:
  13. JaysZ

    Who has the baddest n/a on this site?

    hey, what is the advantage of running individual carbs rather than individual throttle bodies? that setup looks pretty sweet! also, what manifold is he using?