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  1. Well, i finnally got my new brake setup tday, and started-but b4 u can put them on, u gotta take the old ones off........dun dun dunnn. Well, i was takin off the old brake hose, and when i was disconnecting it my brake line snapped-about half an inch from the brake hose mount............what should i do to fix my brake hose? BTW, its a 280ZX
  2. i finnally figure out y my car doesn't run now, but did b4, my mechanic had switched the fuel lines on my car(at the beggining of the fuel rail he made it so that the incomming line was on the ongoing port), so that the incomming fuel was put under pressure by the regulator, and there was no outgoing fuel pressure, so there was not pressure on the injectors, just on the fuel pump line. It was running b4 cuz i was manually building pressure wit a wrench, this time it was backing up the fuel to the pump........switched the fuel lines, cranked it a few times, and BOOM-fired rite up, no more prob
  3. would ne1 no howto test the ECU, to see if its running, the old mechanic said they had a problem that the injectors wouldn't pulse-but they got them to work eventually, u think this same thing happened again? How would i get the injectors to pulse again?
  4. I do have both the vice grips and FPR on there, i think i do have fuel pressure, cuz when i tryed to take the fuel line off, fuel squirted...so i no i have pressure, i no i have spark, i no i have air and compression, i dunno if i have the fuel in the cylinders though
  5. my dad suggested that i had air in the lines, so i cranked it over and over, and it doesn't wanna do nethin. Nethin else i can do? I did use starter fluid, and it did a few turns, but died out, i know that i have gas in the fuel lines, and i have spark-i think my injectors crapped out? wht do u think?
  6. Well, i replaced the FPR tday, and now the car doesn't wanna start, i previously had the fuel system rigged witch a Vice grip-so that it would build enough pressure for fuel injection. I finnally got an FPR, i looked at my Haynes manual, and it said disconnect the Fuel pump relay, then crank the engine till it dies-i did that, then put in the FPR, and now it doesn't wanna work, and it had worked like 15 minutes before, any words of wisdom?
  7. My friend went to the junkyard tday, and picked up a fuel pressure regulator for me, the thing that i thought was wierd is, it came from a straight-6(rare at the local junkyard), it also has the same bolt pattern-so it will bolt rite up in the stock location-no modifying, but the wierdest thing is- IT WASN'T A Z, he says it had the exact same engine setup as mine. I'm guessing its a Nissan, or a car that sum1 put a nissan engine into-did nissan make ne other cars wit an L-series engine, besides Zs and Maximas(510)?[/u]
  8. you could prolly just wax it and it would look like a professional job-tell all the ricers that u paid 2500 for a new paint job-they wouldn't argue.
  9. I took off my caliper, and put the brake pedal to the floor, and i hear the pickup in the master-cylinder sucking-but nuthing is comming out of the lines(where the caliper was) Wht to do?
  10. Wht is the process of getting sponsered?
  11. If it was me, i'd go ahead and buy it-i bought mine for $200 and it didn't run, it cost me a bit to get it started. But $500 and it runs seems like a good deal-specially if u don't mind the looking condition of it. The thing wit the clutch(if ur really lucky) could just b a disconected cable...(not likely). I have a similar problem wit my 280 wit the revving-if u rev it the engine will starve itself and die............Rev it up slow and see if that helps(take like 5 seconds to get it to like 4000 RPM)-thats wht i have to do cuz my fpr crapped out-its not an expensive fix. LIKE I SAID
  12. After 2 months, its finnally out the shop..........It runs, but it needs a new pressure regulator-i just clamped the return and got it to start. The front brakes completely locked-up, so they had to remore the brake pads.....o well, i'll get sum junk yard calipers to last me till i get the bigger brake kit sumday.............. Nebody selling stock calipers in working condition?
  13. Don't spend ne big money untill you try this, my frend has an 87' supra and it had a simlar problem-it would just start idleing very low and then die, he swapped out the spark plugs, and his idle rarely drops below 750
  14. California has stricter emissions laws then the rest of the US, so the ECU from the California one is more fuel efficient- but i'm not sure.
  15. I need to get a used ECU for an 81' ZX NE HELP?
  16. Just to let u guys no-the 280 is goin into the shop, i talked to the mechanic's son(who is also a datsun specialist). he is alot cooler than his dad-he told me the worst thing it could b would b bent valves due to horrible timing. I talked to him for awhile, and he said he'd b able to look at it and quote me hopefully on wednsday! not bad at all. well im out...
  17. We need those in the US!!!!!! cept i can only imagine ppl throwin shit on the walls and its quite a suprise when u walk in......
  18. if i get a chance later on tday imma go wit my frend, and we'll take a look at it......by shop manual do u mean my Haynes? How hard is it to re align the timing chain....time wise and skill wise?
  19. I cant seem to narrow down the problem, so imma bring it to the datsun mechanic-like i said-hes an ass, mayb if im payin hes not so bad Its gonna b a 50 dollar towin charge, and then i only got like $400 on me, so i dunno if that will b enough...........wht do u guys thing i should do?
  20. How would i check if my timing is rite, do u think i should check the compression to see if a valve is opening during compression? The Z sounds like it wants to start, it turns over and everything-its just it doesn't feel like doin it. What would b involved in doing the timing chain. I no of a few things that i have to do, and im really not big on bringing it to a mechanic-but if its what i hafta do then its wht i have to do........btw-the mechanic i chose is kind of an ass, but he worked at the datsun factory and speciallizes in the nissan and datsuns.........would it b worth it to do it
  21. I did get a few new injectors, and i have three that i cleaned out. I went to put them in and i cant get the fuel rail off, is there a certain way that mite help out. Yet again-any help appreciated
  22. I recently bought an 91' Datsun 280zx 2+2 for $200, its my FIRST CAR......, i dont even have my license yet so i dont mind the work im gonna b puttin into it. But there is a small problem i need to get passed-the thing just doesn't wanna start. The last owners told me that one day they were on the highway, and they just felt a huge loss of power they got it home and it never started again. The guy replaced the coil, spark plugs, spark plug wires, and he put sum injectors he had lyin around-wich he doesn't no if they were good or not. I can tell u that its not the starter, cuz it cranks the eng
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