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  1. My dd is a TSX, milano red with the 6speed manual. No Z right now , but I'll get another one soon enough.
  2. We even got snow in the mountains here, as low as about 3000 feet.
  3. I saw a new GTR driving down the street today... I didn't know they were out yet.
  4. I would take her in, but there arent any pets allowed at my place
  5. 04 TSX, 6MT, navi. I gave it a much needed detailing this morning and now shes lookin sexy .
  6. Yep, Ive been there too. They had a tour with MSA a few years ago. Amazing place.
  7. Whats the procedure for that like? The owner still owes a substantial amount on it to the bank, and since they technically still owe it how do you transfer the title? I heard from a few people outside of California that you have to pay the owner, then they have to pay the bank, and then you have to wait 6-10 weeks to get the title transferred to you... Has anyone in California had to deal with this before?
  8. I was for a while at 15, but now I'm old at 19...
  9. http://flickr.com/photos/amandakne/ Looks bad in Santa Clarita
  10. I called up my friend at UCSD and he's stuck there until the fires get under control, since all the roads are gridlocked and the exits to get to Poway are blocked off. I called his sister and their family in Poway and theyre ok for now, the fires around them are getting pushed away from their house. I hope they it all under control soon =/ Does anyone know how they started? It was fine yesterday morning and they just exploded all over...
  11. It was pretty bad yesterday up where I live in Ventura, I think there were a few fires in Santa Paula. I hope they get it under control soon.
  12. Now, are you supposed to eat it afterwards? O_o
  13. Can you put a normal AK stock on it, and then a Monsterman grip? That SHOULD be legal, unless AK stocks are banned for some ridiculous reason.
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