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  1. This is a great thread. Such a diverse collection of each persons dream and interpretation of HOT!
  2. There is too much rust damage in the unibody itself. parts are for sale see my thread. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=158000
  3. It's not a matter of that. It is a matter of learning the hard way for me. I did not read the rules and was quickly shown why you should. Also being able to download the factory service manual for free is invaluable. To be able to sit here..find the diagram..zoom in on it, or print just that page to take to the car with you instead of the whole book. It took me less than 5 minutes to search,find,download. Any year is available. I am clueless on electrical schematics. The FSM has drawings of each section of the wiring harness and also each plug is labeled as to what it is. I could not tell you where the download is(I forgot). You can see under my avatar my "infraction" From not reading the rules and popping off when I thought an administrator was being mean. He was enforcing the "rules" of this forum.
  4. Do a search on here and there are links to FSM's that have all the wiring diagrams.
  5. This is the build thread ,most of us sit here and drool and dream. I am so glad your dream has come to fruition. Remember Women can leave you(mine would if I slapped down the cash you did). This "obsession" never will.
  6. I thought it was a cavalier till I seen Brap's picture. Actually guys, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The guy who built this is very very proud of what he designed...I guess until the eye doc got him his new set of coke bottle glasses... The exhaust is hung from the trunk well. Hey whats wrong with yellow:sad:. Just what kinda heat am I gonna get when I post the pics of my completed two tone yellow zx? I guess I will paint shop the photo before I post it. Hmmm even the smiley faces are yellow. Oh I forgot..the wheels on my 900rr are powdercoated yellow.
  7. Did some more tinkering. A little sample sanding here and there and found alot of body rust. I have a line on a different chasis. Waiting to go get it before I decide what to do. There is so much rust inside the unibody cavities that I don't beleive this thing is worth saving. I am not going to start drilling spot welds and disassemble this whole car.
  8. I like the gold. I also wish my project was as far along as yours..looks nice
  9. I have read horror stories on those kits for fitment nightmares.(searched). I have searched on here and have seen several rear 280zx's shaved. I kinda like it..no problem..the problem is the front..I hate the huge front bumper. I do not like the shaved/bumperless front end. Has anybody done something unique without using a fiberglass bumpercover/dam? Other than spending $1k on custom chrome cover for the front reinforcement. No replacement bumper covers are available online for the 79-83 zx. junkyard is not an option,this has to look perfect. My Body guy is to busy to talk with me for an hour about options.
  10. Well you guys can knock people for commenting on a 3yr old thread but this 3yr old thread probably just saved me a ton of money. My body guy told me today "please don't buy it" Back to the drawing board and there are a ton of threads on here for modifications that do not include body kits.
  11. Hey if it works for you great!!! I am having a recessed panel made for my S130 and going with 3 chromed led lights on each side with a very lightly tinted plexi cover over them. The "bulging" tail lights bother me
  12. The seam at the top of my radiator let go..leaks pretty good. Do you park it in an area that you can look under it to see if it is marking its territory???
  13. My car right now is so far from getting to the interior its not funny. 1st week of january goes to body guy to fix floor pans and frame rails. Then she comes home and goes on stands in my shop for the next couple years.
  14. Thank you for the info guys. I am going 2 tone on my interior. Black on top and tan lower. I needed something to color the top of the door panels black and to make my console 2 tone. Black dash cap and tan lower section..etc. etc. etc. I haul new cars for a living and the 2 tone interior is very common now. I am going yellow/white exterior and the black/tan interior is the best color combo I can come up with.
  15. Look at z-cars.com they sell front and rear kits that basicly make it look more modern. Smooth fiberglass look that bolts to the exsisting bumper frame work.Congrats on the new project!!!!! Also check out the members project forum thread. Search 280zx and see what incredible things people have done with these cars. I spent 2 days looking at some of the projects. Very creative and talented people on this forum.
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