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  1. I run a exhaust shop For last powercruise I ran 2 auger style mufflers under drive shaft area of car and then two hotdog resonators one out each side of car for bit of Would doubt it was legal for cams racing here in Australia but was fine for cruising for weekend Car is 383 stroked ls1 with 1 7/8" 4 into one extractors and twin 3" system Would be worried about ground clearance if u went to 4" pipe If The z31 is longer than 240z u might get twin 3" with 2 sets of hotdogs in tunnel then another set under sill Done plenty of street commodores with just 3 pairs of hotdogs sounded fine for stree
  2. that is one sweet exhaust well done great work has inspired me consider removing tyre well and make new exhaust mick
  3. your extractors are look great been long time coming to see this happen in a group buy but sure you will all love results when you get them fitted I was very frustrated burning plug leads with my JTR lhd header so finally bit bullet and built my own long tubes to suit rhd car just a suggestion and not sure if it is possible with your lhd cars have pic below of how i made my lhd side trying get as close as possible to equal length tube does mean i have to remove oil pressure sender to fit to car but other wise it slides in from bottom fine also picture of rhd side showing gap for steerin
  4. first time bleeding clutch i welded a piece of 1/4" rod to a deep 13mm socket which allowed me to put bleed tube down middle of socket and still twist bleed nipple open worked ok but have since added remote bleeder works so much better mick
  5. Have just completed my own long tube headers Will be interested to see what difference they make on dyno Now to connect exhaust up and see how much noisier it is Engine is fitted with johns car kit Mick
  6. Im running c.o.m.e racing cam with there spring package making good hp have you thought about running std computer with number of tuners around now its a good way to go be able to fit and tune it for less than cost of a motec and think how much GM spent developing it they are brillant computers mick
  7. well going from my experience i would suggest a improved windage tray if you plan any track work took my first ls1 to track day ran number 6 bearing and demolished motor in 4 laps of symons plains It smashed rod piston windage tray wrecked crank block broke timing chain and bent 6 valves Motor was out of a wreck 98 model so maybe had some damage but have bought a improved racing windage tray for my new 04 motor just as little insurance and will be watching oil pressure like a hawk in future was just having so much fun i forgot And symons is known for being tough on bearings mick
  8. where is the motor

  9. has set status

  10. why dont u just cut the metal line fit a brake line fitting (that suits brake line your using) onto pipe and re flare pipe worked fine for me mick
  11. Well think i can join club at last been long time coming but just did first motorsport event with car so think i can claim it 99% finished car is 71 240z engine and gearbox are from 98 commodore hsv clubsport r8 or Gto as you know them in states ls1 with t56 6 speed with 70,000 km started install in april 2005 got engine running june 2008 used jci install kit made up gearbox cross member myself say as jtr specs Used jtr radiator used jtr header on left hand side as its rhd car had to make my own right hand side header running twin 2.5" exhaust into single muffler at rear h
  12. i fitted a 10% underdrive pulley to mine fits fine and clears crossmemeber well mick
  13. One thing i never liked about the ls1 was the coils on the rocker covers so i made some covers up thought might cover some of the wiring and heater hoses while i was at it at same time decided to put bug catcher back on car missed that lump in the bonnet and should be best cold air induction What do u think im very happy with way it all turned out mick
  14. had similar issue with my car on start up had spark had pulse at injectors ended up pulling injectors from engine left them connected and turned them upside down on engine turned out only 4 injectors where firing fuel out plugged in another set of injectors and it fired up fine guess fuel rail was blocked or injectors where dead just my experience Mick
  15. having done a ls1 conversion i would say you have at bare minium of $2500 of extras over cost of motor and gearbox you may do better if you can source parts cheaper using a camaro engine and gearbox is best other things i would suggest u need are jci basic kit , Jtr extractors , tail shaft shorten end changed , gearbox mount and cross member , high pressure fuel pump and regulator , burn securities off computer and modify wiring loom extras that you may require upgraded radiator ,speedo drive, tacho ,brake upgrade and plenty of tyres hope this helps mick
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