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350 SBC + WC T5

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So far I've collected a '90 350 for my early 260 swap. The T5 seemed like the simplest solution and this brings me to my question. What have you guys with a T5 done to make it live with a warmed-over 350? I got a WC T5 out of a 92 Camaro with a V8 so I'm on the right track. (I think). It has roughly 100K miles and appears to have not been apart. I plan to rebuild it with a kit and add anything necessary (aftermarket wise) to beef it up. What do I need?


I already have the R200 swap with the turbo shafts using Modern Motorsports stub axle adapter plates so the tranny is the weak link. My use is a street car, Sunday driver, occasional strip and autocross car.


Thank in advance for your help!


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my 71 240 with a 350 with T5 ran a best time of 11.7's at 120 mph on the motor and 10.7's at 135 with NO2 (200hp shot). And used a MT drag slick with a r200 rear end (3.90).


The trick is to shift it slow, don't bang the gears, and go easy on the clutch drops (no driveline shock).


at the drags, I use a brake line lock at the starting lights and slip the clutch a little to take up all the driveline slack before dropping the clutch at 5000 rpms. best 60ft was 1.5 seconds with 26x8 inch MT drag slicks. Then shift it slow for each gear change which makes the car looks like a porpoise going down the track.


also, avoid full power in 5th.

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