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  1. That does not work. The gears are ground to a specific helical size and run in on a machine to make a matched set. You might be able to swap pinion gears that are the same ratio but most likely the whine would be unbearable, but you can't change just one gear to change gear ratio.
  2. I know I had at least 1 R200 with a square flange. I think it was an '85 12mm from a turbo car. I swapped a '78 flange from the 10mm I had in the car when I put the precison gear LSD in. Both of those are Long nose however, so not sure if that helps you or not.
  3. I had issues with my Centerforce II pressure plate releasing and learned that it may nbe just small differences, but the throwout arm and collar had different part #'s than either of the other clutch setups for S30 cars. The early 5/8" slave is no longer made, just the 3/4" and I was not getting enough throw from my clutch. I found a 240SX 5/8" slave that gave me enough length to disengage the clutch. The T5 trans from the turbo cars has a removeable bellhousing unlike the Nissan trans so make sure you've got that. I had a custom driveshaft made with a Nissan yoke on the trans end and th
  4. Yes. At least on my car (Stock diameter Suspension Techniques springs) and a zero offset 16x7 wheel there isn't hardly any clearance to the spring. With coilovers you might not need the spacer, but with stock diameter springs I think you will. And if you've lowered it, those 8.5" rims are going to probably cause some woes...
  5. The factory driveshaft has the u-joints swaged into place. If it could be disassembled (and with a big enough press, you could) it still wouldn't have grooves cut for the retainer clips. In my own experience, drivelines don't make any noise. Vibration maybe, but not noise. Because of the IRS arrangement, u-joint wear isn't much of a deal with a Z. At least not with any of the 3 cars I have owned and the 100,000 plus miles I have driven a 240 so most likely the sound is from either transmission bearings or the R200 as mentioned. I had my driveshaft made by a company in Californio, W
  6. I had my driveshaft custom made by a company in California called Wenco. The rear was the done with the NEAPCO adapter to use the Chevy 1310 size joint but I went with a new Nissan T5 front. He said he could reduce the OD of a Chrysler Torqueflite input shaft which had the right spline count but the wrong seal diameter and I could run 1310 joints in both ends. Knowing that, you could bore the tailshaft out to take a bushing the size of the Torqueflite input shaft, or you could have the TF shaft reduced in diameter to match the "worn" bushing in the Nissan housing. Seems you could a
  7. It is a limited slip of some sort with the 2 piece case based on the seam on the ring gear flange. It looksl like it has helical gears like a Torsen to me. I've never seen a ring gear that didn't have anything stamped on it, so rotate it around and look for markings where that yellow paint mark is now. Otherwise, with the the cover off, count the teeth on the pinion gear and count the teeth on the ring gear. Divide the pinion into the ring and that's your gear ratio.
  8. Counter weight issue. Two piece cranks have a counterweight on the flywheel flange. The one piece crank is perfectly round and the flywheel is not zero balanced.
  9. I have a T5 in my car as well as an '85 12mm R200 in my car and I swapped on the flange from a '78 R200. I then used the Neapco adaptor the V8 guys used and had a new driveshaft made with the Nissan front yoke and the 1310 Chevrolet sized rear joint. The guy I spoke with said a Torqueflite had the same spline count/diameter but outside diameter too big. They could turn it down to Nissan seal size so you could run 1310 joints in both ends. If my car made more than 200 hp that's the route I would have taken. Wenco in California made my shaft FWIW.
  10. Difference in trans length is a great idea, but I would put it all together then measure for the driveshaft before getting it modified.
  11. I swapped a ZX 5 speed into my 240 with the R180 and used the stock driveshaft. I'm not familiar with the Subi R180, but it's a long nose as well, correct? Seems like a chance it will work. I had a shaft made for my Nissan T5 and 12mm R200 swap. It has a new Nissan yoke on the front and I used a 1310 rear joint on the NEAPCO adapter. It was about $250 as well. Came from WENCO.
  12. You should be able to get a differential shim set for similar size bearings from something common and have it work fine. Most likely a Dana 30 or Dana 35 but possibly a Dana 44. You just need to know the OD of the bearing race for the carrier bearing, and the OD of the pinion shaft bearing and ID of the pinion shaft and you could cross reference. Once the diff is apart, it would be easy to find at a drivetrain shop or even calling somebody like Randy's Ring & Pinion to order. The Dana info is all over the web. A very early 12 bolt diff shim set ('65 passenger car) might be ide
  13. Cool. I have one of those I use for jeep tires. It's a bitch to get the tube in a 6.00 16" tire, but having it bolted to the floor really lets you get some leverage on it! Big radials fall on the wheel like you mentioned.
  14. Not at all. The 3/16" 3" angle was bolted to the diff mount bolt holes. The 2" square tube was welded perpendicular to the angle and stuck out about 10". I then used long bolts and steel plate to clamp the tube down to my grate top welding table. Didn't want to go anywhere and hung off side of table with pinion pointed down and top of ring gear about chest height.
  15. I made one out of 3" 3/16 angle and 2" 14 ga square tube. Clamped the tube to my workbench and bolted the diff with the pinion nut down. This let you work on the guts and made it easy to take back off the bench. Had a pic on here years ago when my LSD install post was new. No idea where that was hosted or what happened to those pics anymore!
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