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Question about the wheels and diff

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Hi Guys,


my wheels and tyres arrived, i made some pictures.

I have some blue lowering springs which were in the car when i bought it.

My FG flares will arrive next week and i plan to install them.

Is the car low enought for them???


The tyres are 275/40/17 and 245/40/17 from Toyo R1R.

As they are like semi-slicks, how much will the diff hold?

My plan was to start with the stock RB25 power, get to 300HP and upgrade to 500HP in the next Winter.


Is a quaife diff and some stronger u-joings enought for that? My driveshaft hast 4x M8 bolts, doesnt really look strong to be honest.


I dont want to buy a quaife for a lot of money and then swap it to a 300zx diff anyways after 5 pulls.

Quaife is ok from the pricing, can buy it in England, shipping and costs are under 1000$.


Thanks for your help!!









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Is there any topic with a build of a different diff for a s30?

Im doing the first rb25 swap in germany, we have maybe 10 of them left in Germany so there is no real source for information here :wink:


Found every kind of information for the engine swap, engine loom and brakes, but nothing about the diff.

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I have the Subaru STI rear in my s30 w/ rb25 and I love it! Used the Beta Motorsports adapters. My is about 375-400 whp, but is a street car in every way. The weak spot in this set up is the halfshafts. If you are going to be drag racing a lot, and trying to launch with those 275 tires (looks sick by the way) you are going to need do some sort of a CV swap with whatever diff you choose.

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