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Fuel Can to defog Windows?

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So my semester started and now I have to wake up at 6 am to drive to school,

and on some days I get off at 9pm.

It's winter in S.F. and on most nights/ early mornings my 240z windows will become fogged.

I have no a/c and engine vent heat doesn't come into the car.

So I'm pretty much at a loss unless I leave windows open- which is something that I can't do in the places I park. and when I roll down the window to = temp after I get back to the car, it takes like 30 mins....

I plan to run a 12 volt line from the battery to the interior for a portable defogger/defroster.

But in the meantime, can I just open a can of gel fuel and light it, and put in in the car/ near the windshield until it defogs?

Or just keep a lighter on near the windshield lol.


It's a little dangerous I know, but if it's a small flame, it should be fine? it would dry the air inside right?

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I purchased a pair of 12v hair dryers from a boating store. You could probably get something similar from a camping store. I have actually disconnected the old heater unit and rivited each of the two hair dryers into the windscreen vents. They fitted perfectly. You need to be careful with the fuses and wiring as they draw a fair bit of current. But it works for me........Then again I live in Queensland which is a sub tropical climate so maybe you shouldn't take my word for it :)

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12V hair dryers-they make duct boosters like that for VW's they will fit under your dashboard and blow independently through your existing defroster ducts if you want them to, check out some of the VW Vendors on the internet. They work passably for what you want, but I'd wire fused directly off the battery and have the car RUNNING at fast idle when using them. Neat thing is you can only run the driver's side if you want!


Lighting fire under the window is more likely to crack it, or burn your car down to the ground than anything else.


In Europe they have defroster style FRONT windows (instead of the rear glass) because the electrically heated windscreen will clear RIGHT NOW.


Instruction Book for VW Duct Booster


VW Electric Heaters

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Thanks guys, I'll probably do the hairdryer through the duct. I have a independent line from the battery to a relay already that I use for an extra fan, so I'll run one from there to the hairdryer.

In the meantime I'll do the temp. methods of the sprays and soap.

I got the car with no ac and no heater core. half the ducts are not there and also the water line for the vent system is gone or most of it is cut off. I guess I should fix that when I have time, but the hairdryer thing seems quick enough to do and it will get me through this semester :D

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