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holley 4150 4776 600 cfm first start( non start)

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Trying to start an engine sbf 289 with a double pumper Holley. I rebuilt the carb with a 6.5 power valve. I crank engine and it seems to ingnite fuel a tad bit, but cannot sustain any revs. Seems like its flooding out.

I have checked, fuel to carb, spark, and dont see any vacuum leaks, valve movement seems ok..


Electric fuel pump pressure is just under 5 lbs, but fluctuates from under 5 to 0 back and forth while cranking. Holley carb float level is correct.

- will engine with a high performance cam not start if power valve too high a rating, do I need a 2.5 or 3.5 power valve?

- would car not start if electric fuel pump not quite maintaining 5-7 pressure?


I would think car would start and then either run rough or die quickly, but engine wont fire up and rev.


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