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  1. Sorry i missed this reply. I do still have the T5, but going to upgrade internals
  2. I need the drivers side. Shipped to 75115
  3. Still cant get my hands on any hks itb. Considering going with the borla 2900 series. You have any input on those Tony D ? https://www.borlainduction.com/2900-series.html
  4. Curtball


    Bump, still looking. Always ready to buy, obviously if i keep bumping over the years
  5. Do you happen to just have a g-nose lover valence?
  6. Just a heads up whail tails where for the 280zx could help you locate one that way. I had this hunt a few years ago and found out that most official tails were made of a type of porous material that didnt last over the ages. But there were a few companies that made there type. Happened to score. JCR tail from Mexico. Best of luck, i hope this helps your hunt
  7. Ive foubd a few 280 parts in the trpical dfw junk yards. Call them weekly, other than that i find Z parts on craigslist quite often. Dfw is a great place to get random z parts. Just keep on the hunt, as for the door. Ive seen them online new for not too pricey
  8. Finally around to installing the runner, and finishing up my Z. Thanks for the update, i’ll post photos once I install my rubber scrappers
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