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Technotoytuning coilovers

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I was planning on purchasing coil overs and I emailed TechnoToytuning and they told me it was a direct bolt on. anyone have any experience with these or have any other recommendation for direct bolt on coil overs for a 73 240z.







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As far as the original question. The TTT Complete Coilovers are indeed bolt in, but they are just sectioned struts with Ground control style sleeves and springs. The fronts are very easy to install, if youve ever done a wheel bearing R&R, its little more work than that. , the rears are not as straightforward.The biggest issue is that the rears do not come loaded (i.e Bearings, stub axles, seals, etc) so i recommend trying to source some new bearings, inner seals, and some 280z Stub axles while youre at it. you will need a press too. One of the harbor freight bottle jack operated presses did the trick when we did that setup on my friends car.

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I'm curious too, who's aren't adjustable? T3's or S30 solutions? BTW; cockerstar, where in WA are you located? Anyone heard on initial pricing from him yet? Anyone install some of his kits?


They both are, that's why I'm not understanding where he's coming from ...

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