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Identify this agressive whale tail.


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Hi guys, I was hoping we could find the manufacturer of this whale tail/ spoiler.


Im working on my 240z and looking for a nice tail to add to it and came across a fellow members ride.

According to okstance.com he bought it from Craigslist and has little information on it.


Here are the pics.

Hopefully someone can identify it.














I'm aware this might also be a custom one off piece.

I hate when I fall in love with things I cant have :P


Still I would like to find something even close to this.

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I believe comicartist couldn't get any information. He posted a thread asking the same question. Just search for that and see if anyone else responded to the thread. I know he had a picture of the brand.


Edit: you can also sorta see ots not a perfect fit, but that could be from its age. He also attached it closer to the glass.

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I had one of those a loooong time ago. I believe John Tedder has it now, as he bought the car it was on... That's a Jim Cook racing whaletail. Loved mine. May end up with the one on the Red Zcar in my shop... That car just sold to Tom Harris...



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BluDestiny, I'm not to sure if its the fit or the angle of the photo. it seems its showing a bit more of the driver side.

Maybe if the shot was centered more the hatch button would look more centered. I thought the same thing though.


I did do a search but didnt punch in the right keyworks I guess.


Hey thank you Mike!

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Did Jim Cook sell more than one "Monster" tail like that? I had the California Z widebody kit on a 240 and the tail wasn't the same in the details. The lock cylinder was accessed through the top surface of the tale, and there was no cutout from underneath. The tail was smoothly formed through the transition from top to bottom, with no ridges like that one has around the edges. That one has a similar shape and size, perhaps it was a replica molded from an original?

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