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Custom Fiberglass Dash

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Very cool project.  I'm encourage to try something custom myself after following your progress.  And to take on something like this while in med school??? Very impressive.


...Dash removed in prep for final resin coat



I'm just curious...

I don't see any holes for the original mounting bolts in your dash extension.  How did you mount and remove it while glassing and how do you plan on mounting the final version.

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Thanks guys! As you can see by my progress, school definitely takes a toll on the work rate though. It is still waxed with a layer of PVA in the garage ready to pop the reverse mold.


Fauxre: I mounted it, made the extension above the window seal line, then used a cutoff wheel to cut the bolts on the firewall to remove the dash (the lower ones just unscrewed). For finished mounting, a custom mount to the firewall will be made which will work in conjunction with the lower bolt mounts. The firewall mount will be glassed on from the back of the dash and bolted in from the engine side.


Nelsonian: Planning on pulling the mold this week.  Maybe next week. I'm in second year, so it's the busiest year of the program. Definitely appreciate all the encouragement though. By Christmas break we will have a working prototype in the car. :)

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With any luck I should be in San Bernardino for Nocturnal Wonderland. It'd be excellent to see your work. I was considering doing some modification to the center console and dash area, as I can't stand the retro AC controls when the rest of the dashboard looks so nice. I personally am not a big fan of the single cowl over the center gauges, and I doubt I'll need more than the stock holes to get all my vehicle information in the future, though I'm sure it'll take planning. But it's still awesome to see this sort of work going on.

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How much does this weigh?  With all the foam,  extra metal, bondo and three coats of Fiber Glass- it must weigh 60 lbs now? 


I'm assuming all this work so far is going into making a positive mold to then mold a fibre glass shell. Correct me if I'm wrong but eventually he'll have a dash that's just a couple layers of fiberglass and thats it.

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