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Rear sway bar and Bad Dog frame rails

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I have an early 260z I am installing BadDog full frame rails on (front and rear). My car has the in front of the diff factory way bar, I have noticed that the frame rail looks like it will hit the sway bar.  Has anyone else ran into this? I am thinking that i may just cut off the factory mounts and go to a behind the diff bar (suspension techniques). The other option is to customize the rear frame sections so that they clear the factory bar. 


Input? Advice? Comments?

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When i installed the BD stuff there was a lot of custom work.

Just keep cutting, welding and grinding and welding more until it all fits.

Oh, and a WHOLE Lot of banging.


I literally cried when I first tried to fit everything and the shop owner just laughed.

Gave me the plazma cutter and a bigger hammer, pulled up my panties and started going to work.


It was actually fun once I realized there was not perfect fit. just a template to start from.

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Jon got this in before I landed in Biloxi and yes, get a ST rear sway bar. I suggest a spacer to ensure the bar doesn't hit anything.


The Bad Dog optional rear rails will interfere with a stock rear sway bar.


As to the fitment of the BDP rails, they were designed to fit over a pristine 240/260/280 frame rail with the aid of just a small rubber hammer. Given that many S30 frame rails have been used to jack up the car or been driven over curbs, etc. the fitment isn't going to be easy. A grinder or wiz wheel are a necessity.


I designed them and it still took me hours to get them on my own 240. I am thinking of modifying the design so that the TC rod box section is the same size but the rest leading back to behind the seats a little wider.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I think I will go with a ST rear bar. 


Fitment was actually not that big of an issue for me. My factory rails and passenger floor board were pretty mangled, so I was repairing those any how, i used the rails as a reference of where my floor "should be". I did have to knock in the sides of a few dents on the rails near the t/c bucket, and how far forward the rails should go is not very clear. But I completely understand that the product has to be multi-fit. I would bet that no two s30s are exactly the same.  

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