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STAR shop familiar with classic insurance exemption in the southbay?


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Some of us knew about it and kept our mouths shut whilst hoarding 280's in our back yards for the day when this became common knowledge and those $400 280's add a zero to their values as daily drivers under this loopie...

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I cannot quite fit into this category.  I could fudge the 'Is your car modified' question,

but since it is my daily driver, never mind that my weekly commute is under 15 miles,

I cannot acquire the appropriate insurance. 


In a surprising turn of events my wife approved a Velo Rossa kit, so I will be shooting

for a SB100 instead.  Yup a POS beater would have been cheaper, but the missus

does not care for the look for the car currently, and likes the VR look, so I'll take it.


Hopefully this thread can help someone who does meet the requirements find the

program and make use of it.

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Fuel and Coolant leak inspection is part of the inspection for the operators safety, but also because of environmental safety. It makes sense that those stay in play even when the underhood inspection is not performed.


Good to know that this was actually enacted though. I saw the Bar Blast earlier this year. Bet its a royal pain to get it resolved at the DMV just like vintage plates...

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I know this is an old thread, but if the OP is still following it, I'd love to know why you're going to a STAR station? Those are only for 'directed' tests, i.e.: your registration renewal states you must use a STAR station. Those techs are on a point system if they do anything wrong and I believe it makes them a bit paranoid. BAR sends out bait cars to see if the techs will bend the rules. So the techs learn to spot them or they get caught if they cheat.

My tech knows the rules you were trying to assert. But, as for the underhood inspection, they may have open the hood to test the Evap system. They have to clamp a hose there...

Oh, I should add, I own Sonoma Smog Center and this -


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I was able to install the VR kit and qualify for an SB100 build, so no more smog tests for me.


I ended up with a string of unfortunate events with test stations before I was directed to a STAR

station.  None had the right adapters to test the evap/gas tank.  A couple marked it as not tested,

others wanted to refuse the test (one wanted to fail it).  In the end not a single station ever tested

the evap.  On the second test after I bought it the tech could tell it was going to fail, so he aborted

the test a couple times.  That did not hurt my status, but also masked the test results, so I could not

tell what was failing, and as a result did not know what needed fixing.  The car was running well,

mileage was reasonable and had new plugs and a recently replaced cat.


Perhaps foolishly, I asked the tech to run the test to completion so I could identify the culprit.  He did,

which pointed to a slightly rich situation, which turned out to be a very slightly mis-adjustment on the

TPS, which I had not been touched since I bought it, and had passed testing in the past.  A few minutes

with the FSM and all was well, and I passed at the same shop the same day as I failed, but that got me

flagged for all future tests to be performed at STAR stations.


The final straw that pushed me to go for the SB100, was even if I bought a beater to qualify for

classic insurance, not a single shop I spoke to was familiar with that set of rules.  I am glad to hear that

some shop owners are aware if it and make sure their techs are as well.  That can only be good news

for Z owners in their area.

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Thanks for the credit for being aware of the rules and reps, but I'm just the owner. My tech makes me aware!


My tech hooks everyone up to the BAR97 machine (OBDII cars) and pretests them. It looks for codes and if one pops up, he advises them and gives his educated guess as to why and what to do. I suppose he could even sniff your car if it is pre-OBDII if you're only just interested. I'd have to come up with a charge for that. $15 or so... it takes time so I'd have to charge something.

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