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How to change bulbs in gauge cluster 240z

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Hello everyone,


I did a search on this but couldn't find an answer.  I'm looking to change the bulbs in the center gauge cluster which contains the gas/oil/clock gauges.  I found online that someone said each gauge uses 2 Ba9s bulbs.  Can anyone confirm or deny this?


Next I need to know how to get to the bulbs.  Do I have to remove the entire gauge, and if so how do I do it?  Any help/pictures anyone can share would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Remove the glovebox, reach in and pull the sockets. Note some replacement bulbs are too long and will not fit. If you can't reach the bulbs you can also pull the heater control grill.


Search here and at Classic Z car for the correct bulbs. I removed the green filters so bulb size is not an issue. Brighter too.

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So today I went in and took the glove box out.  After remove a single bolt for each of the small gauges I was able to pull them out the back.  Took me awhile to get the old crusty bulbs out, and when I finally did, they don't light up now.  The new bulbs and the old bulbs don't work.  Any ideas on what I could've botched?  Could the bulb housings have gone bad?  Pretty frustrated that such a simple task is proving to be such a headache.  Any help is appreciated. 

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If you're trying to turn them on when they're not in the gauge housing they won't work. The ground for the bulb is integrated into the socket, so they need to be plugged back into the gauge to work. The gauge housing is the ground in the circuit.

That is incredibly useful information.  I feel like an idiot now.  Thanks!  I'll give this a try.

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For anyone looking to do this I recommend removing your glove box as well as your heater console. This will give you 2 points of access. Each gauge then disconnects via one bolt each. With some finesse you have to then either disconnect the wires so you can work on each gauge or you can do it the hard way like I did and work on it still attached.


You have to remove the light socket and like someone mentioned in this thread, the light won't work again until it is plugged back into the gauge. For the LEDs I chose, they were too tall to simply plug back in, so I had to use a grinder on my dremel to drill out where the green plastic bulb caps attach. Once these are removed you can put in your new bulbs and piece it all back together like Humpty Dumpty.


Also the bulbs I got were from superbrightleds.com


Each small gauge takes 1 bulb and the tach and speedo take 2 each. Turn signals and parking brake are extra.


Bulb type is BA9s.


Hope this helps anyone else who aims to do this. Cheers!

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