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IIRC it was 5.5qts. Not enough... obviously.


All the pictures are on the website.


I would NOT trust an F body pan without upgraded baffling in it, regardless of the added oil.  Once you start to sustain hard acceleration, things change drastically.

I destroyed an engine from wheelieing too much on the stock pan setup. Its extremely easy to relocate your pickup and do your own baffles like I did. Just extend the pickup tube and plate the bottom. I still don't like the improved baffle since it leaves the pickup in the wrong place (Front of the sump area) and in situations like ours that is not a good idea.


For safety, I added an accusump, which was not hard to do. It hides perfectly in the fenderwell.

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Couple short videos I took before pulling the turbo and sending it off.



 Car was idling, and I shut it off.


This shows the abnormal noise I'm hearing on shut-down. Still spins pretty well, but it was starting to flutter and contact the housing under boost. 




Also, here's a little shaft play (and screaming) for you lonely blokes.


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Finally got the car back up and running a couple weeks back. We have been oscillating between negative temps with feet of snow, to 50+ degrees, but I was able to drive it a while back.  Finished "breaking in" the new engine on 20#, and it is crazy on the cold roads.  It doesn't get traction, ever. I can roll into it at 70, and it will blow the tires off, lol.  Really looking forward to next season and getting some more reps in.


Been MIA from the boards for a while, so I just thought I'd check in.

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