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SunnyZ-I'm figuring the deferred cage project is what's keeping you from posting time slips?  But, I gather from Slow78z's thread that you ARE getting some unofficial passes....how are things holding up?  How many angry passes have you made on slicks since the turbo?   I'm seeing wfritts's 8.8 setup coming together on texas300's car and I'm wondering how your front diff mount setup is holding up.  I have only made 3 passes this summer, the last of which gave me a broken axle.  Going to do a bunch of binge work to get car ready for the Georgia 1/2-mile which I will do on borrowed drag radials (I plan to leave easy and shift like I'm having a pillow fight with my sister).  Then, I'm switching to roadrace setup for ZNats track day at AMP.  Just haven't heard much from you and want to catch up.

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I've got a total of about 6 passes in full race trim.  Boost by gear is amazing.


I'll try to hunt down some video and share it.


Car goes in for the cage in about 10 days. Shortly thereafter there will be some shake-down passes (I hope) and soon after will be Drag Week.  


Goal is to average in the 9's on drag week, but unless I get my NHRA license, I'll be limited to turning in 10.0 + slips, even if the car is tech'd for faster.

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