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Nissan LD28 into GM


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Hi all, this is my project on the impalassforum.


It is a 1992 olds custom cruiser that i swapped to a HM-290 (NV3500) 5-speed. Its relevance here is that i am considering repowering it with an LD28 that i will turbo, the goal being good fuel mileage.

I think it is possible to boost the. LD and get comparable power to the stock TBI 350 (180hp@3600,300lb/ft@3200).

Keep in mind its just an idea and dont try to talk me out of it :)

My question is finding an adaptor plate to adapt the NV3500 to the L series. I've found kits that ironically go the other way.

I know i could get a 280zx-t bell and use a T5 but if im gonna buy another transmission It will be a T-56 (attatched to a LSx).The ratio spread in the HM290 imo is good for a small turbo diesel, plus i already modded the car to fit it, the shifter location is VERY far forward.


The HM290 has an integral bellhousing. Gen1 chev pattern.


So, my options, if i keep my current trans, are:

1) forget the idea

2) put in a 6.2 gm diesel (but they inly had like 90hp as well,idk if mileage gains would be substantial and there would be no room for a turbo)

3) vortec 8.1 and gas mileage be damned lol

4) Adaptor plate and flywheel spacer(i would like to keep the stock gm flywheel and clutch if possible)

Anyone here into possibly making me an adaptor?

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