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Needing a brake line, driveshaft flange, and door handle.


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I am needing a small brake line in the shape of an S for my 1972 240z. It's a hard line that is located in the passenger rear, above the half shaft. A picture of it, and the reason I need a replacement can be seen here:



I am also wondering if anyone has the JTR DAT-110 Driveshaft flange.


Aside from that, I am needing a exterior door handle, its for the drivers side, but just a handle will work.





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I am needing the line that goes after the picture you posted. After coming from the rubber line the metal line goes into a 3 way joint. Out of the middle of the joint is a 6 inch metal line in the shape of an S, it actually joins two of these junction joints together. That is the line I need. 


Hopefully this picture will explain better. The line coming in from the top is the one you posted. You an see where it goes into the T junction. Out of the middle and coming into the foreground of the picture is the 6" metal line that I accidentally nicked.



I have the brake line,I just pulled it from my 73 240Z parts car.


$25 shipped to your door.

PP ID  kuwaity63@hotmail.com






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You must have a different brake setup. If you look at the picture I posted yesterday you can see the brake line coming from the passenger rear coming from the edge of the picture (it's a straight line). It goes into a junction box. Out of the center of that junction is another line that comes into the foreground of the picture, (it makes and s and in the picture you can see that its knicked). This line goes into a second junction box.

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Can't remember (or never knew).  I just took an old piece in and matched threads and flare.  Pretty sure it's just a simple single flare of some older spec.  Most stores have a variety of precut, flared and fitted tube lengths. 

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