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Mangoletsi Manifold


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I have searched the internet far & wide to no avail trying to find photos/reviews of the Mangoletsi manifold before buying. Therefore, I hope this post will give the next person looking to switch to triple webers more complete information.


The manifold is made by Mangoletsi in the UK. It is built to fit DCOE 40 but they also produce an option for DCOE 45.


It is extremely well built, every part looks and feels to be high quality.


It comes with both the standard rod linkage as well as a cable linkage (can be seen in one of the photos). 


Included in the kit is a port matching template to make the block openings fit the manifold perfectly. I have not had the chance to install the manifold as the car is undergoing a complete restoration, but so far completely recommend it.


Enough talking, time for some photos!








Although it did take a while to have the manifold built, it was worth it.

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That's a standard methodology for actuating carbs used in Europe for years... That adjustable quadrant is nice touch. The firewall adapter is a nice piece as well, but I like the look of the stock 200SX Cable through the original hole!

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I've got one of these. It's incredibly well made. And not very expensive either.

Haha! For Americans...that's a gold brick kind of price.


I agree, for the build quality, I see no issue with it, but the majority of S30 guys in the US are complaining about a secondhand manifold at $300!

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I've read some threads about manifolds not fitting properly, that is what determined me to buy this manifold (and the absurdly high transport/import taxes that have to be paid on any item brought in from the US)

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