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Looking for suggestions on external wastegate plumbing


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I'd like to see what other people using an external wastegate are doing to signal their wastegate. I've seen some diagrams online and tested them off the car and it just doesn't work. I have the wastegate (wg) on the engine in a good location. I'll add some photos of it. Right now I have a hose from the compressor to the bottom port and I'm seeing 12psi while driving the car. I have the 5psi spring with a helper spring inside. That spring is an inner valve spring from an n42 head. I need 20-25psi of boost. Thanks.

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I have a hks (?) manual boost controller works fine but am going over to a innovate electronic which is controler afr meter and boost controller . Since I am running a remapped Jim Wolf ECU I cannot control fuel, spark etc. that well . This way if I run lean the boost will drop . thats the idea anyway. With my little knowledge I do believe Bloz up is correct you just need a simple manual boost controller to trick your external wastegate. 

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The top picture is the way I tried using. A bleeder to the top port with a T fitting doesn't work because when you bleed from the top port you also bleed from the bottom port. Maybe if I connect the bleeder to a different pressure source like the intake manifold? The rest of the pics are my wastegate setup.






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