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Parts wanted for S30 - L28ET swap


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I am beginning to source parts for my S30 - L28et swap and already have the long block

(P90a - F54), but need everything else.  My car is a late year-260z (December 1974).  I am also looking for advice on transmission options as I have found endless information (somewhat difficult to sort through) on options.  My car is an automatic if that makes a difference.  


I am looking to buy:


Transmission  (T5- or other??)

Manifolds (Intake and Exhaust)



Wiring Harness


Fuel Rail

everything else :)


I appreciate any help or advice!  Thanks!



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I've got a stock t3 thats rebuilt with 0 miles on it with a bl turbo blanket on it as well as a 2.5 down pipe that I wrapped and have it open to a 3 with v band on it.

Looking to get 400 plus shipping.


Shoot an email for photos.



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I have the stock oil line T fitting thingy... not much else left over from my build aside from that, a stock turbo core, and the stock T5 shifter. I do have the differential pinion flange for the T5 driveshaft if you need it, it's different than the NA R200 flange.

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