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1JZ-GTE Swap Kit - Tech2?


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Hi folks,


Have been hunting around for a swap kit for a 1JZ-GTE to swap one into my 240z. Next to nothing here in the UK (No surprises) but have found a couple in the US.


Tech2 seem to offer a kind of "all in one" kit for $1650. I was curious if anyone had used this before and what their thoughts were?





I had planned to use http://www.wiringspecialties.com/2jwihafordap.html


For the wiring harness.



This is just purely for getting the engine sat in the car and hooked up. Also what are peoples thoughts on running a 1JZ through a standard 240z diff, will it take that power or should I be thinking about an LSD upgrade?



Thanks guys

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Tech 2 had done my wiring harness for my 2J S14 I previously built...quality was good and turnaround time was quick. This was back in 2010 so it may be different now, but my experience with them was good. All S13/S14 products I've ever seen from them have been top notch, so I would think the datsun world would be no exception. 

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Furio, I have also been looking at Tech2's offerings as I am in need of all that their kit includes. Carlos is the one to speak with at Tech2 as he built their yellow 240z that is in some of their pictures. The only nit to pick I have with them is their website does not have all the pictures for their products, (something I mentioned to Carlos and was told to look for pics on facebook, etc..). I strongly feel that if you are trying to sell a product you should provide the prospective purchaser with as clear a view of the product and not have them go searching for pics to visually see how it fits. My concern is how far back and low does the engine mount.


As far as Wiring specialties goes, I am about to complete my order of custom harness wired to Haltech ps2000, flex fuel sensor and other Haltech parts. Dealing with Yury has been a breeze. He has answered all of my amateur questions and is still honoring his November "black friday" sale price that I originally started with.

Here are some pics of the Tech2 car I found.   






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Thanks Matt, glad to hear it.



Thanks Nelsonian, especially for the pictures. I do agree, the website is a bit lackluster, it was one of the reasons that led me to posting here asking the question. I feel I would have next to no qualms buying from the wiringspecialists website in comparison. 


From what I've seen you can get the JZ's sitting low and quite far back, I had thought about putting a 350 small block in the car, but the sizing and weight distribution was all off, and would need to relocate the Dizzy to get everything to fit right. 



So it looks like, from the picture you linked you basically get all the mounts you need + a propshaft. That's ideal for me, hoping everything works with the R154 gearbox. Now all I need to source is a custom exhaust, FMIC, cooling and some gauges! 


Thanks for the input guys :)

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Thoughts. 1650 is a lot although not terrible seeing as how it includes the driveshaft. With shipping to the UK and tariffs I think it will not be worth it.


You will have to find a shop for the transmission receiver for the body which means that they would be welding the car, which means they could turn out a mount kit for you probably for much less. My local shop made my bolt in transmission cross member for 300$, I made my own engine mounts for less then 50$ in material although I kept the stock datsun cross member, the beta motorsports style cross member could be relatively easily fabricated at any competent shop.


A 240z diff will not handle the power for very long, although the failure I believe goes from axles, to half shafts, then to diff. At stock power levels you could probably run the R180 if that is what the cars over there came with. Although you will be doing the "one wheel peel" 

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A week and a half ago a fellow member brought it to my attention of a great opportunity on Ebay for one of these Tech 2 swap kits. I got lucky and sniped this kit with ten seconds to go for a steal. I am very pleased with the quality of this kit by just inspecting it. One less piece to mark off of the "to get list" . 





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Just wanted to state that if anyone is considering the Tech 2 mount kit be forewarned that the picture of their swap kit for the 240/280z is actually for another make of car. This picture included, shows the proper kit, (with the optional aluminum driveshaft). I just checked with Carlos of Tech 2 to have confirmation that what I purchased from the individual Ebay seller was actually for the 240z as it was different from the web site's picture. This is a bit annoying for any potential consumer to have to dig for proper pictures and info on a web site that is all out of whack. First pic is their Wrong provided pic for the 240/280z kit. The one I provided above is correct. 



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Yeah, $700 won the auction with $72 shipping from Oregon to San Diego and $19 to ship him back my stock shifter cover and shift linkage arm. All under $800 for a new, only mocked up kit with the aluminum driveshaft to boot. No complaints here as that would have been over $2k with tax and shipping brand new.

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Just wanted to say I bought the kit and it has arrived. So far it seems pretty good. It was a wee bit rough but I think that was purely from the shipping. The welding and overall build quality seems really high.


Finished ripping my v8 out the other night, need to cut some old mounts off with the grinder then I'll go about test fitting the new kit, should be interesting to see.






Rubbish pictures but you get the idea.

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