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  1. I've decided it's time to start a build thread. After 5+ years of lurking, 3 flipflops on engine choice, 1 lost project car, and 1 brother-in-law who is trying his best to keep me on track despite life's interruptions, I finally settled on the JDM Aristo 2j. (He's also doing a 2JZ swap, but starting with a bare shell) Car: Very straight but rough, rust-free '71 that currently has the stock motor with the Arizona Z Car 4 barrel carb and manifold (for sale) Currently have waiting in the hangar: JDM Aristo 2jzgte VVTi cd009 R200 Short Term Plans: Collins or Maverick adapter ECU Master, EMU Black Stock twins (for now to get things rolling) Rework the stock harness myself, with cannon plug to mount ECU inside Stock fuel tank with surge tank (for now to avoid fuel cell until it's time) Plumbing to handle E85 and flex-fuel sensor (for when it's time to upgrade the stock twins) Longer Term Plans: Suspension Cage Too much to list I'll add pictures later
  2. For anybody tired of using the clunky websites to calculate new versus old tire sizes, widths, and heights, I found this handy Excel Spreadsheet. The grey boxes are all drop downs. It allows you to compare two new tire/wheel combinations to an existing setup and shows what the differences will be in inches for height/diameter/radius. The difference for the backside and frontside of the new wheels is in millimeters and inches +/-. https://www.dropbox.com/s/76fr1golryz6wtt/Tire-Wheel%20Calculator.xls?dl=0
  3. I also noticed the 2016's don't appear to come in the right lug pattern in 17 inch...
  4. Thanks! I must have missed his post. I'm going nuts trying to figure out what will fit.
  5. Scrufffy

    MFactory R200 Helical LSD

    Where was this 6 months ago before I bought the OBX and all the crap to hopefully keep it together! Oh well, I'll get one when the OBX junk dies and destroys my rear end...
  6. That looks great! What's your rim width and offset?
  7. Scrufffy

    Ford 8.8 IRS Differential Swap Mounting Kit S30

    Thank you for spending the time and money to develop something new! Most in this community won't need instructions to figure out that this is a nice setup... If my r200 or anything attached to it gives up the ghost, I'll be in contact!
  8. Scrufffy

    1JZ-GTE Swap Kit - Tech2?

  9. Scrufffy

    RB Rebuild

    Thank you guys so much for the link and fixing the pics! After exhaustive searching I've found the original post a few different times. Short thread highjack: I'm very stoked on an RB swap, and it seems like there's more JDM engine's available here stateside than in the past... Stony and cheftrd, what would be your opinions on a JDM engine with a compression test and startup warranty from the importer, as opposed to an expensive with almost price prohibitive rebuilt engine shipped form over seas for my Z? The idea would be to keep it mostly stock and just enjoy it for a time. Then do a rebuild, ecm, turbos and supporting equipment for some respectable but not ridiculous horsepower. The problem I'm having is finding a shop near me that seems knowledgable, I know why that is, but it's a major hurtle for me. Any advise if you guys have time either here or pm would be very greatly appreciated! Threadjack over.
  10. Scrufffy

    My 1974 260z-rb . The neverending project.

    Looks good! Hope to see some updates!
  11. Scrufffy

    RB Rebuild

    I loved reading through this thread, I know it's old but I wish the pictures were still working... Oh well, still very informative! I was absolutely sure I was going the ls route with my z until I found the RB section here... Now I think plans have changed, in part because of this thread and stony's "so you want to swap an rb" sticky.
  12. Scrufffy

    1978 280Z 5.3L T56 Build

    I'll be following! I'm about to start my first Z build... Good luck!
  13. It's actually my second Z car, but I was too young and dumb to know what I had the first time around. I would love to make it a spirited daily driver, or at least an every weekend toy. The car I bought came with AC, so I'd like to hook up the AC with the engine I swap in. One place I'm lost on is where people are sourcing used LS engines? Ebay seems to be kinda high but I can get a ls2 with the t56 that came from the factory strapped to it and a video of it running for 7k. I think now I'm leaning towards getting any long nose r200 I can put my hands on and putting a LSD in it, and 300zxt axles with flipped cv cages and MM adapters. I feel like it would be the least amount of fab, the fastest way to get the car on the road and reliable. I know that it will be more complicated than that, but I'm doing my best to read and prepare. I know about the 280z mustache bar and the front dif mount, but I'm pretty lost once I get to the outside of the outer cv...
  14. The title pretty much says it. For years I've been wanting to buy an early Z car and do an LS swap. About three months ago I finally convinced the girlfriend that it was a good idea, and about two weeks ago I picked up an almost rust free '70 240z I spent a whole lot of time lurking on here, and recently made an account. I'm very excited to start, but very nervous! The amount of knowledge on this website is amazing! But I'm still nervous. I know that a rear end swap should be in the plans along with the engine swap, and I guess that's my biggest hangup right now. I read through all of the stickies in the drivetrain section and my head is swimming... r200? r230? The 'Ultimate IRS Swap' thread really caught my eye as it seems like almost a 'fix it and forget it' solution. It does seem like it will be further into uncharted territory for me... Anyway, if you made it this far, thank's for reading my long, desperate introduction!