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1973 240Z V8 for sale

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We're selling off what formerly was a Scarab that Jim McNemar owned that I helped him out with a while ago. The build includes the following:


355 SBC complete with Eagle Rods/Crank/ Forged pistons, Aluminum Heads, Edelbrock Cam, Holley Commander 950 Standalone EFI (Actually properly tuned and running well)/Canton Accusump/RR Oil Pan and Remote filter Motor is being freshened THIS WEEK with new main and rod bearings.


Aluminum Racing radiator and plumbing

Fuel SAFE EFI fuel cell

Custom T5 fivespeed from NASCAR supplier 5-speeds.com

Quiaffe LSD equipped 3:70 R200 rear diff

300ZX turbo Axles, MML stubs/flanges

Mustang Cobra brakes (12.8 Front 11.8 Rear)

Custom Aluminum hubs and stubaxles for 5 lug 5X4.5 pattern with ARP studs

Koni 8610 Struts on GC Coil overs

ZF Racing Adjustable front control arms

AZ Car Rear cromoly control arms


Multi Point Cromoly rollcage that is NOT SCCA or NASA legal

Red Sparco Torino Seats (sun faded at the top)


Interior is decent with a good dash, door panels and interior trim in all places the cage didn't block.


Car will need repaint at some point but the pictures speak to the level of bodywork done to it many years ago...


Asking $20K obo... Running driving and ready to rock


Car is located in Broadway Va.






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Why do you cal this a SCARAB?  No SCARAB I.D. Tag, no SCARAB Valve Covers, so much changed I don't see a lot of "SCARAB" left. Was it a SCARAB Factory Bulid at one time? Is there a SCARAB Invoice or other documents?


The reason I ask - is I know a person that is looking for a real SCARAB.



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Jesus...Carl thanks for reminding me. I didnt realize mentioning the scarab name would cause such distress.


The Zcar was originally a California Car that a DOCTOR sent to SCARAB to have modified. Jim McNemar bought the car and it had all those crappy pieces *and I do mean CRAPPY when he bought the car. We jetisoned it all because the valve covers wouldnt clear the rockers we picked. The motor mounts put the engine in a horribly biased position, and the shifter linkage was crap. The bellhousing was the only thing worth keeping and we sold it.


The bodywork was custom. If your buyer wants a scarab then this is not the car for him. Sorry for causing you such distress.


Mike Kelly

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Took a bunch of pictures, waiting on a nice day to get some walk around video and maybe some driving. I tired to show in the pictures the issues with the paint along with the filler at the the flare that has cracked. The front of the car must have the oldest paint as it fades back out if the car is not kept buffed and waxed. I did not buff the car out to show just that.
Items just recently done 
new ngk -9 heat range racing plugs. 
new Bosch EV-14 38lb injectors. 
Filters, oil change done this week.
Alignment Mild Street.
This car will come with the Laptop and cables to tune the 950. I have yet to take it on many trips mainly due to the gearing. But it is a pile of fun to drive. This car is just shy paint and some WOT throttle tuning short of being a great car. Its had all of the typical metal work done and ready for someone to enjoy it.



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