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  1. Man - I have been disconnected and just found out about this today. Beyond anything else - I felt like Ross was my friend. As JohnC mentioned Ross and John spent several days at my house in Florida. I used to speak to him frequently... SOOO sad right now... I'll miss you Ross - sorry I didn't hear sooner.... If there's anything I can do for his family - if they are following this thread, please reach out to me...
  2. Same here - I left both check valves in place - works fine - I have Toyota calipers and vented rotors in the front and the 240sx calipers with 300zx rotors in the rear. Also used the 10 inch 280z 2+2 booster. I made custom lines with the different threads on both sides... easy!
  3. I know of 5 more (in addition to the ones mentioned previously - so yes the problem is more wide spread than initially thought) LSX Z's that have had their drive shaft bolts loosen, so as I've stated in the past, every Z that has done the conversion should verify their driveline angles. As far as your comment on the half shafts... I was running the stock half shafts initially, and experienced the vibration. I then converted to 300zxt CVs and the problem was the same. The John's Cars Tranny mounts that I've inspected are not consistent with the tranny heights (The mount bends are in
  4. I like the way you covered the panels without the speaker pods because the outside border looks great... If you had a version with the speaker pods done like that instead of the way ya did the one with the speaker pod I'd be in... Lemme know!
  5. I'd like to get a set of the door handles in fiberglass... if you have them I'm paypal ready!
  6. I claim a set - please email me with the total including shipping to zip code 33547 Regards Ken
  7. As you can see I was the 2nd or 3rd one to commit way back in August... I hope I'm one of the next ones to get my panels so my daughters can have them under the Christmas tree for me... Don't let me down!
  8. My kids would like give these door panels to Daddy (me) as their Christmas present to me... In order to make that happen I'd need to get my set shortly... Is that a possibility? I'm ready to make payment and could pay extra for shipping to insure they make it on time
  9. Me too - Also waiting to hear if you received my deposit
  10. Looks great! Can't wait to get mine! I never received a confirmation when I send my paypal payment (could be my problem since I opened a different checking account that it's linked to) - Please let me know if you received it Any odea on time frames for when they'll be ready to ship?
  11. Nice write up! I did this upgrade several months ago and have one minor note to add. On the brake booster, the 280z had 2 different boosters for the coupe and 2+2. My 75 280z had the original booster. I upgraded to the 10 inch 2+2 version. In addition I'm using the Wilwood 7/8 clutch master which is smaller than the Tilton which some folks are using. Everything fits great!
  12. I'd personally like to modernize the entire interior. All interior plastic panels modified to give the car a modern "factory" look... Console, door panels (already in progress), rear plastic side panels with speaker pods... Ect ect ect
  13. My next project is to section some BMW stock fender flares (metal) into the fronts and rears. I have been wanting to do it for years. Not as radical as StealthZ but another creation that should "look factory" when complete.
  14. Nice job! We've received some different info from Wilwood on the rear portion of the MC having to remove the pressure valve. I will try to re-verify... In the fittings for the brakes lines - Great to hear the stock lines can be used by swapping the fittings from the old MC - I didn't have one to use to try that so I just made the lines which worked as well... I have 2,500 miles on this setup now and I'm very happy - I did not remove the rear pressue valve and it seems to work fine... more to follow
  15. Looking good - for my set the speaker pods and the door latch holes are all I need - I can customize mine as needed from there... Nice work! Looking forward to getting my set!!!
  16. Hey guys We've been trying to login with my fathers ID which is either nek3431 or DatsunKen Hit the signin link, enter the username and password hit enter and it brings you to a blank white page... after we tried to login again we got locked out for 15 minutes - there's no way to work around it... just keeps doing it... Here's the url of the blank white page: http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=login&do=process
  17. Hey Chaz - Go out and take some nice pics this weekend and post them up - some night shots as well... Also, the color on the car is 370Z Magnetic Black - It has a very interesting flake in it that gives the lines some extra accent in the sun... I hope you guys get to see the car in person someday. I know the guys in the NJZCC and the NY clubs are bugging him to bring the car to some local meets before the northern weather turns...
  18. Chaz You're going to need to post a lot more pics now
  19. The body work has SOOO many small details... Notice the fuel filler door, the shaved gutters and emblems, hand made airdam, custom blinker cones just to name a few... start looking you'll start to see a bunch of things. I like the fact that if they're not apparent and hard to pick out then it usually is an indication that they were executed well. The rear fenders are the 280YZ's with fender lips to match the front, Subtle Z front fenders and everything else was hand made one off kinda stuff... The doglegs are custom to blend back into the body etc etc etc - haven't even mentioned the rear yet.
  20. Here's a short video of a shake down run... autoX.wmv
  21. Hey all, I thought I'd share some pics of StealthZ. My Dad and I did all the custom Body Work... see if you can pick out all the custom "touches" that are subtly done to almost every panel on the car - Have fun - enjoy - Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest - professional photo shoot coming soon... Rags and Clive installed the LSX driveline... Car is located in Toms River NJ Owner Is a member here - Chas - pipe in if you'd like
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