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Distributor Shafts

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My 280Z is in the shop getting AEM EMS and we've encountered a problem.  I have a 280ZXT distributor and got the associated shaft on eBay.  The distributor and shaft match up perfectly, but the drive gear on the shaft does not mesh with the worm gear in the engine/timing cover.  It is too large.


Is there more than one shaft?  I'm not at the shop now, so I'm verifying the part number on the shaft (it was NOS in the Nissan box).  I will post that when I get it. I recall that the seller listed it as fitting 81-83 ZXTs, but I have heard that the 81 was different.  Can anyone confirm?  I have searched a lot and haven't found this concern posted. 


Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Edit:  I added a pic of the two shafts, with the new turbo shaft on the right.



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I don't have the answer to your query cegrover, but I would love to know how this turns out being I'm also looking to put in the optical dizzy on my own car for sequential ignition. I did find this thread - http://forums.ctzcc.com/viewtopic.php?t=5784 in which a poster is adamant that there are different cogs, although a side by side comparisson, they look to be the same diameter (just a different number of teeth). I am wondering if the zcardepot and other sellers of the 280ZXT oil drive spindles on ebay are actually selling a KA spindle or perhaps the spindle from an R30 Skyline? I'm yet to see a crank oil drive worm gear that is of different diameter to another but I haven't seen all that many. Any ideas Fricfrac?



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That makes sense Sleeper, seems to just be conflicting information depending where you go looking for it. It should be that the dizzy is spinning 2:1 the crank speed (i.e. the cam speed) that's how it's geared. 


cegrover - I've placed an order with the dealer for an 82-83 ZXT oil drive shaft so will get you photos/measurements when that comes in. 

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I think that Nissan used the same shaft diameter for quite a while.  1995 VG30E Pathfinder and 1975 280Z L6 distributors for example.  I've pondered hybridizing a distributor (converting it to a CAS/distributor) to use later engine management in the L6 (without having to use a ZX turbo CAS), and measured both.  Looks pretty simple except for the mount.


Anyway, the short answer to #2 might be that the gears should be fairly easily pressed off and on and swappable.  



Edit - Note - I was confusing my parts here.  Gears versus distributor shafts...  Didn't really know what I was talking about.

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I didn't call it out in the thread, but it's in my signature.  I think the difference might be my stroker engine.  I have the V07 / LD28 crankshaft.  We are now looking at swapping the worm gear on the crank to drive the ZXT dist/oil pump spindle.  I will continue with updates as we have them.

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I didn't know what I was talking about above in #7, and mixed some weird stuff in that post.  Made an edit.


Here's a page that might be useful - http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsuns30/DatsunZIndex/Engine240Z260Z/PistonCrankshaft/tabid/1564/Default.aspx


You're really taking about oil pump drive gears, mounted on oil pump shafts (quills), that couple with distributor shafts.  Not Distributor Shafts.  That's where my brain got misdirected.


Like here - http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsuns30/DatsunZIndex/Engine240Z260Z/OilPump/tabid/1572/Default.aspx

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Good points.  Per your links, I'm talking about two parts, which must be matched in order to work:


"ASSY-SPINOLE OIL PUM" - I believe this is a typo, and should be "ASSY-SPINDLE OIL PUMP" and, notably, drives the distributor, in addition of the oil pump.




It seems early and late L-series engines used different oil pump drive gears and thus had different spindle gears to match.

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