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280z steering rack boots

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I am working on my steering/suspension components and found that replacement steering rack boots (the rubber boots that cover the inner tie rod joint) are extremely difficult to find. None of my local parts stores stock them. Where do you guys go for these?

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what vehicle do you have wayverippah and do you know what vehicle those boots are for?


Matt: I am assuming those are NOS boots? 140$ for the pair is steep. thanks for the link though.

I would not pay $140 for a set of rack and pinion boots. Some of these vendors think they are sitting on a gold mine when it comes to OEM parts for the S30.


I have the AC Delco 46A7010A you can have them for $30 shipped. They fit 70-78 S30 with manual rack and pinions. I have them listed here in the parts for sale section. PM me if you are interested.


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waking a dead post. But its to shead more light on the subject. I used once off of Zcardepot and they lasted a few months at most. The Acdelco once can be found on rockauto for $20(pair) they also stock Moog boots that it also fit $35(pair)

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