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aluminum distributor cap


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Ok third try on this post.


But I had this cap made for my trigger wheel and CNP/COP setup. So I wanted to test the waters to see is anyone else would like to have these made. Seen them in the past for over 200 each I would have these made for around 150, would take a week or two to be made. Also would need the washer in the dizzy that the rotor attached to be machined down (shown in photo) I had this done for a lower profile.


As I said this is a test to see what kind of interest this would gather among the z guys. Thanks for looking.




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When I first read "aluminum distributor cap" I thought, "well that isn't going to work very well..."

Then I see that it's for using DIS. LOL

Looks good, I like it.

Sorry, I don't have an L28 anymore, and when I did I ran a differnt style DIS, where I was able to eliminate the dizzy completely. Just wanted to comment on how good it looks.

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Well first thing I wanted to do was run my crank trigger system that I have Hoke make for me...but I want sequential too, and kinda need a second signal so going with this for a short time till I can commission hoke to make a setup with the second sensor that looks good.

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