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sr20 Fueling


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Hello everyone, i had a question regarding the sr20det swap into the s30 chassis more specifically a 280z. What needs to be done so that the egnine can get enough fuel for about 250-300 crank horsepower reiably? Getting a fuel cell isnt really an option since i plan to daily this car in the future. I was just curious what everyone else was using in terms of fueling in their ka/sr swaps.

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I'm confused if you are talking about modding the engine, or the actual fuel lines on the 280z. The fuel lines and tank will be fine for that hp. Heck even the stock engine management will support 250 crank hp. If you want more like 300whp then you should think about changing your injectors and turbo/turbo mani. 


I'm putting a 400ish hp sr20 in my 280zx, and I'm using 1000c injectors, a walboro 255 and e85. The tank had to be dropped and cleaned and new fuel lines installed. 

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I know this is an old post, but I am just trying to get my post count up.


You will need a robust EFI fuel pump, like the mentioned Walbro 255, or a Bosch 044, or AEM or whatever (lots of options out there). This pump should be run off its own dedicated power source using a relay and 15 or 20 A fuse.

Unless you are going to cut apart your stock fuel tank, that pump will probably be mounted under the car near the fuel tank. It will suck fuel out of the tank and send it high pressure, through a 10 micron filter, to the engine. The return fuel from the regulator then needs a nice restriction-free path back to the tank.

5/16 feed line work fine for your power numbers.

The stock tank is terrible for preventing fuel slosh/starvation, so just be aware of that.


One thing to check is to make sure your fuel pressure is within the stock parameters after your fuel system is set up. Sometimes a high-flow pump can be too much for the OEM regulator, and it cant't bleed off fuel fast enough to keep pressure down. If you are getting a new tune, then fuel pressure becomes less of an issue because the tuner can compensate in the software.

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