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Passenger side LS alternator?

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Hi all, 

In progress of building out an LS1 for my 240z. Currently:

LS9 Cam + LS2 front cover + holley carb + intake 

Using JCI mounts for the swap. (yet to arrive)

Electric water pump and no other accessories. 


Has anyone mounted an alternator low passenger side? 


If not, anyone run a mini alternator as the only accessory on the driver side?

What mount & alternator did you use? 



Here is my current setup - I fear the alternator sticks out too far:

post-14255-0-82841200-1441902949_thumb.jpg post-14255-0-42121300-1441902950_thumb.jpg





Threads I've already looked into: 



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I have not.  I think the conflict is with lower radiator hose when using stock water pump.  I don't see the lower radiator hose port on yours....

I was looking at the Front Runner after-market accessory setup the other night when I was fantasizing about a turbo build, and your setup looks similar.  You trade off narrowing your setup at the cost of lost room between the water pump and the radiator/fans.  You might be crowding things in front already(?).  Pretty motor.

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@keith - I was eyeballing the gap between your alt. and frame rail, looked pretty tight. The lower port jots out the bottom of the water pump at this angle: http://static.summitracing.com/global/images/prod/large/mez-wp119u_w.jpg

You got any spare r200 LSD 3.9 rears you'd be looking to get rid off? I've seen your stash! 




Thats the oil pan that came with the engine when I picked it up (used on craigslist). 

Thats also spare carb I had laying around, but it will be running a holley 750. I like simplicity and a lack of electronics. The purpose of this car will be about 75% drag racing 25% autocross. It'll also be running a reasonably built 700r4. 

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No, I will hang onto my diffs until I give up on R200s or give up on Z cars-they are just too hard to find. Have you checked on the price of Will's 8.8 kit? If I knew what I know now, Id have put a solid axle in my car from the get-go. But I don't want to put my car down and start over. I've still got some frustration absorbing capacity. Keep cruising eBay for R200s and post wanted ads here. I'm not buying any more, so you needn't worry about me sniping them.

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