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  1. Had some time this past weekend to install my synthetic seat covers from interior innovations. Definently would buyfrom them again. It’s only $215 or so for stock replacement covers. Took me around 4.5 hours from start to finish. They have some built in padding so they are very cushy I love driving my Z even more now that the seams aren’t ripping out of the seats! Hog ties work great and I got some from Lowes to get the job done ($2 for 40). Found a note under the seat on how to warm up the engine lol. It’s been there a while...
  2. Well after finding a little time I’m chasing down a glitch in my blinker wiring. I upgraded the relay to an EF32 relay off Amazon ($8.99 shipped) and that fixed the constant clicking like the battery was dead to a typical slow clicking sound. But my lights still do not come on. Neither do they with the flashers switch on either. The whole car worked when I bought it but once I took out the dash and reinstalled it I hadn’t had the time to hookup the blinkers. Now that I have they don’t work lol hoping to clean out the hazard switch and then the column ordeal. Hopefully that’ll fix it. I also installed a first gen 67-69 camaro spring loaded license plate holder to get to my fuel cap. Way easier than taking the plate off each time to fill up. Cleaned up some overspray in the grill area and around the fuel cell/muffler/fuel system. And drove it to work a few days. 04EF016B-0BDD-45B0-9E55-11BA8163A8E9.MOV
  3. Well I haven’t had time to hit up the local pullapart and after doing more research I wound up finding a diff online. Thru 11/06/06 Explorer/Mountaineer rear differential. It was what I was looking for and I eventually picked one up for $115 shipped to the house. Granted it’s 3.55 and an open diff but lockers are cheap compared to r200 stuff and it’ll be brand new. Axles from the same place were $41 each shipped. As you can see from the pictures they are quite a bit larger in diameter and have enough room on the dogbones to shorten, mill and respline to 300zx turbo axle spline specs. The picture is comparing 8.8 axles to my spare 300zx turbo axles. So for $197 I now have my diff and axles. And gearsets are cheap ($200 or less) if I want to change them. While I was at it I drilled holes for my victory spoiler to be mounted, reinstalled the new futofab door handles (awesome fit btw) and installed my zcardepot chrome metal mirror replacement since mine broke.
  4. Rear 2007 Explorer diff cover came in. It’ll need a good sandblasting ($20) and possible powdercoat job but it’s here! 7L2Z4033B Ford part number. Bushings for the diff mount are Prothane Bushings 91634545 19-603-BL (scored for $3.21 off Amazon prime because of a slightly crushed box 😂). Next is a trip to the local pullapart for an explorer diff and cv axles ($160).
  5. Honestly it's been so long I'm not sure. These are two different z's so I'll have a combo of the two and beef up the mounts where needed. The single ear diffs are plentiful in the junkyard but I'm hoping to find a dual front eared explorer diff in my searching.
  6. I just found some time to read through 5 pages of this setup. I do like the way it’s headed but I’m probably going to do something similar to what I’m attaching pictures of below. I have kept these pictures on my phone in an album for years so I could remember what the part numbers and stuff used were. The diff will move upwards under heavy launches and acceleration in general so I will be mounting a brace to the transmission tunnel somehow. I love having a welder at home, just wish I had that 4 post lift in one of the posts in that link in my garage!!!
  7. Thanks but I didn’t paint the car myself, I had a local budget paint shop do it for me. They wouldn’t strip off the plastidip so I had to do that myself. It’s not the best but it’s a 10 footer lol. Hey! Funny thing is I just picked up a 2007 Explorer diff cover like SunnyZ to bolt in my own 8.8 setup. It will cost around $600 total, then with selling the other 300zx turbo parts I already have I will come out nearly even and have a Ford 8.8 IRS. Stay tuned for more (it could be a year though based on me not driving it for a while, I’m tired of it being out of commission)! Supposedly it shifts smoother but I like it so far. It was a pain to build the shifter at the start but once I figured that out it’s been fine. It’s held up to everything I’ve thrown at it and it’s stock besides the carbon synchros (factory wore out quickly but was grinding when I bought the used tr-6060). Once I get the 8.8 rear end in then I’ll hopefully turn it up a little more and take it to the track. Right now my street tires may be saving my driveline but everyone knows you get “used to the power” after a while. I have a cam I haven’t installed and my injectors aren’t maxed out.
  8. After having our first child 12 weeks ago I found the time to strip off the plastidip and cash to get a coat of paint slapped on the old Z. GM Torch Red suits it well! I liked the white that was on it but deep down I like washing red cars. Added attention already I can tell just from driving home from the paint shop. I acquired a used 240z rear bumper that needs some polishing, new rear factory size speakers, FairladyZ emblem for my victory spoiler and some other goodies I’ll be installing in the coming months. It’s been nearly a month since the paint job. I have a lot of polishing and waxing to do here soon with meguiars products and reinstalling my emblems I refinished along with the bumpers. I can’t wait to get this thing out soon! Such a blast to drive especially with the turbo! I’ll see if the pictures will post and I’ll update with more after the car is reassembled and cleaned up. Seats and new carpet are next. And lastly an 8.8 IRS upgrade 👍🏻 Oh and note that the pictures are not in direct sunlight so it is a lot brighter than it seems. New corvette and camaro red factory color.
  9. I typed in "5.3 windage tray on ls1" on google and look at the images tab. Their are 10 bolts that hold it on. Cutoff 20% of the front of the pan. This will be right in front of the second set of bolt holes (leave 8 bolt holes left to attach it to the engine). http://forums.hybridz.org/gallery/image/28961-random-toolscustom-partsmcwindage-tray-mods/
  10. I'm actually running a 5.3 windage tray with an ls1 oil pan on my 5.3. I saw a post somewhere and it showed how far back to cut the windage tray off on the 5.3 one and I've not had any problems at all with it. 5 minutes with a cutoff wheel and done!
  11. I typically go into the auto parts stores and they let me behind the counter and I looked for the perfect size and then they'll ring it up. My heater control valve was the first thing I fixed on my z 4 years ago! Bronco heater control valve was my replacement for the factory one until I went with a new vintage air unit.
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a used msa victory or retro spec downforce spoiler for my 280z. Fiberglass is acceptable. Looking at all tall spoilers but not the whale tail style. If you have one you are interested in letting go please PM me or comment below. Thank you
  13. Not yet, I'm still waiting on new wastegate outlet clamps so I can line up and weld the pipe this time. I will be taking it to the track soon hopefully!
  14. Well I've been driving/fixing the tune and have ran a 1/2 mile event earlier this month with RenekahsZ! Being able to run wide open without a speed limit is just flat awesome. Sadly I only made 1 shake down pass up to 5k rpm for 5 gears and ran 125 mph. I'm currently waiting on new clamps for my wastegate downpipe because I blew it off between the 3-4 or 4-5 shift on the track. I want to drive this car every day!!! I am only running a 5lb spring right now and it is very streetable but I've had a 10 lb spring installed for a short time and it is a completely different animal! Ridiculously fast which was the goal! Probably only 500hp but I drove this thing with a straight 6 for a while... I highly recommend the turbo after the v8 install. Next will be hooking up the AC lines again because the turbo setup rearranged my crimped lines. Hoping to gap rings on the next 5.3 I will be getting soon and a sloppy mechanics budget build boost ready engine to swap in sometime. I already have an ls6 cam to put in! keep turning those wrenches! It's worth it!
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