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How many of you would be interested in a bolt on air ride kit

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Bro, I just went thru the photos-freakin' awesome!  You do beautiful fab work and that car is incredible.  If I eventually build my "dream Z" it will be bagged for trailer loading.  I want more control of spring rate, but I will have to figure out how to put bags/brackets on the LCAs somehow. Rear will be solid axle, so I'll just do bagged coilovers hanging off the back of the axle or something.  But, you've inspired me.  I need the air ride to be able to load and unload the car off the trailer when it is super low for landspeed.  Loading with a low airdam on an extended nose is a PITA.  Thanks for the example and inspiration!

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I'm with JC -- I have bagged my second tow vehicle. For the reasons mentioned above it made sense. Adjustable spring rate, and adjustable height.


I was VERY hesitant to use bags, until I bought that first dually with the  Firestone bag kit that was almost 25 years old. Original bags. Fittings and tubing leaked, but the bags themselves were perfect! That met my longevity question. Researching more, the big semis have done things  with them for years, which convert to smaller vehicles really well. 


They are just a spring in a different format.


I am currently talking with someone who makes those "Air Ride" kits for the pickup trucks that basically put a subframe under the back of the truck and eliminate leaf springs. I am developing a kit for my two Jeepneys in the Philippines. The ability to raise and lower the ride height based on road condition is advantageous, and the ability to jack up spring rate when overloaded is also similarly desirable.


For a smaller car like the Z, it's just a matter of getting the application designed properly and you have another viable spring option outside coil springs.


I was NEVER a bag-believer until I got that first Dually. Crank in 120psi into those bags, and put 2.5 TONS in the bed....didn't change the ride height 1/4 inch (my son sat there with a tape measure  because he was curious...)

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