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Stony's Unnatural Aspiration Part 4!!!

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Well, after pounding the calculator trying to figure out how I was going replace the rb with a 2j.... it just wasn't adding up. was going to cost way to much to transplant the 2j in the place of the rb. SOOOOOO I did some research and picked up a bone stock 5.3 truck motor just in case. After I did the math and sold the rb.... I was able to get everything I need to put a turbo 5.3 in the car and have a bunch of cash left over ;>



stock 5.3 truck motor with 40k on ticker.

chromoly push rods

BTR trunnion upgrade

stage 2 BTR turbo cam

titanium springs and retainers.

Melling hi volume/pressure oil pump

I also pulled pistons and checked bearings. Damn things looked like new and measure good so I reused and increased the gap on the top rings for boost.



All this will be mated to the same drivetrain I had in the rb Combo.


Powerglide, ford 8.8, currently 4:56 gearing but will be going to a 3.70


Do to the way the trans tunnel and chassis was built around the RB the ls motor will sit a little more forward then a typical install which will make getting the BW480 in there a challenge.













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Well for me to continue down the road I was going I would need to dry sump the rb and its stupid expensive. I will more then likely need to do the same thing with the LS eventually but they have much better off the shelf pans that work well. also when its time to go dry sump the ls is a lot cheaper to do.


And again for the same reason I was considering a turbo NA 2j.... I cant find junkyard motors in the use for 300 bux.

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LS is the same here as 2j. got a complete longblock with 40k on it for 400bux. it was just the 2j was going to eat up too much funds in cams springs, ect ect. LS is done and should be good for 1000hp. and all the parts I put in the motor cost less then a set of cams for the 2j.

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Welcome to the dark side as they say.  I understand the appeal of the 2jz and rb motors, but people need to remember that the LS or even truck motor (5.3) has LITERS of displacement on those engines.  The LS/truck motors can then have forced induction on top of their displacement advantage.  People pursue build routes all the time for illogical reasons, when logic prevails base displacement is always the best starting point.

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I hear ya Clint!!
I love the aesthetics and exhaust note of the 2jz, but like you said, you can have the entire j/y 5.3 motor together for the price for a set of cams in the 2JZ...
If money were no object, Might be a different story...but money is an object :-)

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Well Other then not being able to use the old RB mount tabs (wasn't planning on it) the CXracing 240sx single turbo header fits like it was made for the 240z. My motor is mounted a little more forward as mentioned previously and maybe a little higher then most but I still think if it was mounted in the normal JCI location the headers would work.






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Well I have made some progress. Mig skills are not the best but they will work. A little grinding and seam sealer and will look good ;> at any rate. Lower Bar and   intercooler mount done. upper radiator support bar (removable) done. just need to make the tabs for the upper intercooler mounts and the radiator mounts. Then on to the turbo hot side.







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