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Anyone running a top mount turbo on their SR?

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Blew my turbo on the way back from SoCal. Rather than buy a replacement turbo, I figured it's time for an upgrade.


So I did some research and bought the ISR(formerly know as ISIS) Performance RS3871.


I'm planning on doing a top mount set up and haven't seen any info on what will and what 


won't work fitment wise. Is it their any issues that I need to worry about?


I've seen photos of top mount set ups on the interwebs so I am just


hoping is super easy and all I have to do is buy the top mount manifold


and the supporting mods. 


BTW: these are the turbo specs


Compressor side 3" inlet 
Exhaust side 0.64 A/R turbine housing, Results:
This turbo is rated up to ~380hp.


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He means the motor had to physically be raised due to wastegate interference with the steering column. I ran into the same issue with a sr20 bottom mount setup. The steering column was going directly through where the turbo sits. So I had to go top mount Everything else is being fabbed up, so it'll be a custom fit for me. 

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