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  1. I have the whole Apex set up on my Z I was going to sale the rears and go with the track attack but decided I don't need all of that.... for now lol
  2. I actually got a rack from a dealer on ebay and it works perfectly.
  3. Well hoping it doesnt but there is some adjustments i can make but we'll find out
  4. Thanks Rio i have the spec on an earlier post feel free to message me if you have any questions also.
  5. got 315's under the rear with wide zg (still not aligned or anything waiting for my APEX rear and front arms.) Slow progress all my extra cash is going into my wedding haha.
  6. That would be nice since there's hardly any feedback on it, ill be ordering a set of the front rear arms and I can review the quality and install but not they work since my z will still be down till summer
  7. im running 17x10.5 -32 up front and 17x11.5 -44in the rear I have another set of rear lips to make it -34 so u might try that since I have plenty of room.
  8. Thank you sir its been a long road to get her where she's at but hopefully she will be on the road this upcoming summer and going to shows with her. I will probably stay with 245's unless I am feeling froggy and will make 275's fit.
  9. I got my inspiration to run wide tires with your car I love it man! I want to run 275's up front but with the 245's im already rubbing up front. I am also looking at the apex stuff and am just waiting for the fronts to come out so I can order them together. You're running way more power than my sr20 will be putting out for a while so that's fitting
  10. yea im on it lol I wont be running this much camber I havent adjusted the camber on my coil overs and will be getting all the arms so will get a alignment when all installed lol its just sitting there I think it should clear full bump but we'll find out haha.
  11. Thank you! My flares are Jpn Garage wide ZG flares when they first started selling them.
  12. with my wheels and tire set up im at around 3k they are aren't too bad if you get a ok set and build them yourself.
  13. Yeah I have mine installed with the camber plates and did not run into any issues. But I did install mine on a 280z which shouldn't cause a problem. I still have a good amount of adjustability up front too
  14. These are the JPN garage flares before they got shady.
  15. techno toy tuning does make a good product, but I like the fact you can adjust without taking the arm off with the apex ones.
  16. I am still on the stock arms trying to make up my mind on which to go with, I'm thinking about APEX engineering. I haven't adjusted the wheel center at all.
  17. I was playing with the thought of running 315's on my car for the longest time so I went ahead and went for it I was getting tired of the stretched look and I wasn't about it. The fronts are 17x10.5 and the rears are 17x11.5 I posted this on Facebook groups but thought id post it here also.
  18. I'm actually running the McKinney cradle in my SR 280z and love it
  19. Damn I miss my wheels lol I kinda regret going 17's looking at how good 15's look lol
  20. I am actually using a McKinney motorsports cradle you can check it out and my build on instagram @sr20_fairladyz
  21. nostalgic send me a message or feel free to message me on instagram @sr20_fairladyz
  22. haven't posted in a while I actually changed my turbo set up and also tucked my brake lines go my flares mounted and done a lot more here are some updates. I have way too many pictures to just post but its getting closer
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