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Holley Hi Ram Intake Manifold Fitment

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I imagine it will protrude through the hood a bit. The plan was to pass the charge pipe above the valley and under the plenum  to a bulkhead fitting through the firewall. This would allow a clean setup with plenty of room for twins. Still deciding what direction I want to go. I may just do a single with a air/air and an LS3 intake manifold.

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It doesn't fit. I even have a subtle cowl hood and it still won't clear, looks like I need another almost 2" of clearance. It's just the front of the intake (where throttle body bolts up), everything else fits (with my cowl hood anyways). I'm considering machining down the manifold flange and maybe shimming the engine down, but my oil pan is already pretty low so that'll probably be a last resort.

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After reading that article I went with a Fast 102 and Nick Williams DBW throttle body on my LSX 436, I love it!

How much taller does the Fast 102 and Nick Williams throttle body sit vs the stock intake manifold and throttle body. Any hood clearance issues? Is there room for a strut brace to be made?

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On ‎12‎/‎13‎/‎2015 at 9:26 PM, nathaninwa said:

My sheetmetal intake measure 10 inches from the valley and it's about 1 inch from the hood facing forward

Any pictures of intake manifold, would love to do something like that with a direct port nitrous set up.

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