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RB20 swap on 240z, Engine is sitting too high.

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Hi everyone,


I have a problem. The RB20 is swapped into my 240z.

However, I can't close the hood because the engine is sitting too high.

It seems like an inch or 2 more of clearance is needed for the hood to latch on.

The RB20 engine mounts were used on this swap.


What could I do to solve this problem?


Thank you


Happy New Years!

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Well first off, welcome to the forum.


Second, this is a prime example of a picture is worth 1000 words. 


Third, the obvious really rears the head, more details are needed, what mounts? The factory mounts? Swap mounts? Once again a picture is worth a lot of words here.


Fourth, the other obvious answers come to mind, are you still running the over the top manifold? If so, then a front facing intake manifold would solve your problem. Are your mounts too tall? Then swapping to lower mounts or fabricating some would be the solution. Do you just want the hood to close? Cut a hole in it.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Really appreciate it.

Ah, I need to take some pictures.

I used the stock rb20 mounts as PAT1 mentioned in one of the posts. (http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/88112-s30rb20-swap-motor-mounts/)

I'm thinking about changing the intake manifold to the front facing one.

I'm also considering changing the engine mounts to the Jaguar XJ6 motor mounts 1972-87 that PAT1 mentioned about. (http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/100495-rb20det-into-my-240z/page-2)


Thanks again

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I'm glad i stumbled upon this, I am about to mount the rb20det in my 71 240z with the stock rb20det mounts and I kind of pre mounted the mount in the z and 'm trying to figure out do I need to "slot" the mount? Or just drop it in as is? Here are some pics. Maybe this can help the original PO'S question also






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Did you get the mounts on the correct side of the engine.


Even with the L-Series in there, if you swap the motor mounts side to side, the engine sits upright and the hood will not close.


I actually bought a car in Texas because the 'garage' did that and not being able to close the hood was so insurmountable a problem they pushed it out back and left it!

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I used my stock rb mounts up front too, I slotted the stock crossmember side down to lower the front of the motor.

Was I supposed to slot the crossmember?

If so, in which direction am I suppose to slot it?

I posted pics or links of the pics. (side and mount views)


Thank you for all the help.


20160103 1613121

20160103 161338

20160103 161807

20160103 161453

20160103 161414



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How is the trans mounted? Where does the shifter sit? That seems like the front is jacked up quite a bit. Question would be is it because the trans is hanging low or if you have one side higher up then the other etc etc. How much room do you have between the crossmember and the oil pan? Do you have more room on one side then another? A picture of the shifter and how much it comes out of the trans tunnel would help paint a picture.


To be honest, I can't say I have seen too many RB20det with the cross over manifold, it seems everyone swaps to the front facing, not sure if it is out of necessity vs want though.

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I sent you a pm, hopefully it helps. If you have an engine hoist you can just lift the motor up/out of the crossmember a little and do the work with the motor still in the bay. 


The trans sits slightly forward (when using the stock datsun trans mount) I just made a new shifter that locates it back several inches, it's not bad. 


Also there aren't many forward facing intake manifolds for rb20's that are affordable (that don't suck) so most people just use the stock one :(

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I also have a problem with my shifter clearing the plastic center console. Did anyone need to change it out?

The barrel of my shifter is very low. Very close to the base of the center metal frame.




20160105 182814

20160105 182801

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I cut the bottom portion of the shifter off right below the rubber filled area where it connects to the top. Beveled it and welded a 45ish degree piece of steel towards the back of the car, beveled it again. Cut the top threaded section of the shifter off and welded that on. Clears the plastic console now :P

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