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1971 240z "Kirin"


Hi there! This is going to be my little Z build. Picked her up as a gift to myself after coming back from Japan. Today she sits eagerly awaiting to be fixed up and driven. After months of sitting I decided it was about time to get a move on it, so here we go!


Last Updated: Dec 1st, 2016 - added a couple notes to self

May 21st, 2016: Got it running after sitting for 9 months! Now it's sitting again -- Crank Keyway worn-out



Note to Readers: I've linked most of the things I've purchased with their part number and a website. If you see something that isn't linked, or want to know where I purchased something, let me know!




-Chassis: rusted

-Body: dented steel panels, cracked fiberglass head buckets

-Bumper: deleted rear bumper, ugly stock front still installed

-Spoiler: Fairlady 432R Reproduction

-Grill: Fairlady Z432 Reproduction (1 tuff z)

-Paint : 918 Orange (original)

-Misc: (order weatherstripping you lazy fool!) / (research rust prevention) / (research body work & paint)



Everything was stripped! Lend me your dry ice...



-Battery: New Battery - Optima Red Top 25  / Autozone Universal Battery Mount / (correct size battery cables)

-Alternator: upgraded alternator - 140Amp

-Wiring Harness: stock (order pretty rainbow colored one - EZ)

-Audio: no stereo

-Lights: Headlights: Dapper Lighting 7" Classic V2 + White LED Halo (Halogen)  / Tail lights: Dapper Lighting Sequential LED

-Gauges: stock

-Switches: stock

-Sensors: Crank Pulley Flying-Magnets system

-Ignition System: Distributor-less Simple Digital System Coil Pack Ignition

-Spark Plugs: NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs (PN 739-BPR6EIX)

-Spark Plug Wires: 8mm Street Thunder; Spark Plug Wire; Custom Fit 6 cyl.; Black (PN 895-51090) (soon to be removed)

-Misc: deleted external voltage regulator / (research windshield wiper motor)


Engine & Exhaust

- Acc. Belt: Napa (PN _____ )

-Intake Manifold: Mangoletsi 

-Carburetor(s): Triple Dellorto DHLA 45M 


-Air Filter: K&N re-usable air filter (x3)

-Cam: stock? not sure

-Block: P30 L24 (Matching #'s)

-Head: E31 - Ported (size)

-Distributor: stock (delete & plug)

-PCV Valve: Valve Cover Breather PCV K&N (PN 800-613) / Crankcase Vent Breather Filter PCV K&N (PN 800-406) (re-route to exhaust

-Exhaust: (research heat shield)

-Misc: deleted random wires and screws in engine bay


Cooling / Fuel / Oil

-Radiator & Plumbing: Mishimoto radiator (PN MMRAD-DATS-70) Upper & Lower Mishimoto radiator hoses (PN MMHOSE-DATS-70) / 1.75" Mishimoto radiator Tension Clamps / (install custom overflow tank) / (research fan shroud)

-Thermostat: 160 degree thermostat & new gasket / 1/4" BSPT Alloy Steel Hex Plug w/ Plumbing tape (x1) 

-Fan: stock (order electric fan(s) x2)

-Water Pump: stock (order gasket)

-Misc: deleted manifold / carb coolant line & plugged thermostat housing hole / rotated 90 Deg elbow towards water pump - new 5/8" rubber hose [on order] hose brackets


-Fuel Tank: stock (research fuel cell)

-Fuel Pump: stock (research electrical/mech)

-Fuel Regulator: none (research bypass 4+ PSI w/ gauge adapter)

-Fuel Filter: Autozone (generic)

-Fuel Rail: (removed)

-Choke: stock (need to tuck)

-Misc: new fuel sending unit, o-ring & lock ring


-Oil Filter: Fram (size)

-Oil Pan: stock

-Misc: n/a


Suspension / Tires & Brakes


-Suspension & Steering: clunk. clunk. clunk.

-Braking System: I'll eventually stop..(all stock)


-Tires: cheap Goodyears (insert size)

-Misc: n/a



-Clutch: custom clutch hardline (3/8-24NPT to M10/1.0) 

-Master Cylinder: Tilton-76 7/8" Master cylinder (PN 76-875) / adapter (3/8-24NPT double flare to 3/8-24NPT bubble flare) /  Girling reservoir, offset 7/16-20 outlet, 5oz

-Slave Cylinder:  Beck Arnley slave cylinder (PN 072-1258) w/ adjustable rod & return spring / SS clutch hose (PN 21-2170) (order mounting shims)

-Throttle System:

-Transmission: '77-80 "wide ratio" 5-speed

-Differential: not sure yet

-Misc:  n/a



-AC: none

-Heating System: deleted

-Bolts: Replacing all bolts with ZCarDepot SS Bolt Kit (PN 650-000)

-Hoses: Replaced most fuel vent hoses




Going to have to backtrack a little, I hope you don't mind...

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Summer of 2015:


Purchased car out in the valley of California, will update with pictures later. 

1971 240z

Original L24 Block

Original 918 Orange Paint

No stereo



First Issue: Fuel Leak




Drove until I needed fuel, pulled over to the gas station and started to fill up. Click! Held down handle for gas pump, fuel poured out all over the ground, coming from under there car!   :angry:   :unsure: A bunch of apologies later, drove around again getting weird looks until I was empty (was leaking fuel when stopped at lights). Filled er' up and dumped fuel again, at the same gas station!   :D   :P Many more angry stares later, drove back home, jacked car up and emptied tank - She will have to sit there until she stops leaking.




One of the hoses going from the top of the fuel tank to the evaporation tank was missing




Followed this guide. Replaced all hoses and clamps, also replaced fuel sender unit, and o-ring. Didn't bother cleaning the tank, I didn't have time for that.Second Issue: Driving around and car suddenly dies


Diagnosis & Fix: Checked engine bay, negative battery cable disconnected, Re-attached. Although I loved learning about my 240z, I'd really rather learn about these things from the comfort of my couch.


Story Time: Navigated 250 miles down I-5S, stopped at a gas station to get food, tried to start - cranks but no luck.


Third Issue: Cranks but won't start


Diagnosis & Fix: Car wasn't getting fuel, disconnected fuel hose - outlet fuel pump - going into fuel rail inlet. Started car with carb cleaner and ran until fuel spilled out hose, hooked back up and wallah! On the road again..250 more miles south and no issues yet.


Fourth Issue: Can't shift into gear


Diagnosis: No fluid in master cylinder! Where did it go? Buddy drives to meet me on side of freeway with a bottle of Dot 3. Pump, pump, pump...no pressure! Fluid is gone. There's a leak somewhere in my line. Decided this was the best time to replace the entire line  :D


While I put off researching and ordering clutch line components, 6 months go by, flash rain throughout the winter enters my car - remember, weather striping isn't complete. Now, it's spring, starting to get hot outside...40 year old hoses don't like that.


Fifth Issue: Let car sit for 6 months (DONT EVER DO THIS) Won't Start


Diagnosis: Followed these troubleshooting steps. 

Fix: Turkey baster. Used it to check fuel out of fuel line, replaced fuel filter, "primed carbs" - Took a turkey baster and some hose and filled the SU Carb. bowls through the inlet rail, than hooked it back up and put the turkey baster with more fuel into the inlet of the fuel pump and started the car with Carb Cleaner.


Sixth Issue: Radiator fluid on the ground


Diagnosis: 40 Year old heater hose cracked over the winter, going to replace with ss braided hose, and use regular hose for the heater core. Also going to remove intake/carb coolant tubing and plug with 1/4" BSTP (British Standard Thread Pipe) plugs. Doesn't get cold enough in Southern CA to really need them, and once I upgrade carbs I'll no longer need them.

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Seventh Issue: Fuel leaking under SU carbs when car starts/runs


Diagnosis: Still researching and learning about the SU carbs, that's either the overflow or sender line to the carbs, I probably just need to purchase smaller hoses and put clamps on them. She will have to sit some more  :angry:

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Looks like you're off to a good start! I don't know how you're posting pictures, but I use an image hosting site, previously photobucket, now flickr since photobucket is awful now. Copy and paste the BB image code link, and that should do it. Let me know if you still need help and I can go into more detail.


Also, slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I love your post formatting. Easy reading.

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I'll definitely look into Flickr, thanks! Appreciate the positive reinforcement! Will continue to clean up my posting structure as I go..



Was going to save this for later but I'm too impatient:


Looking into getting a triple set of Dellorto DHLA 45M in the very near future...to anyone who likes easter eggs this should be a hint to what's coming in the future...wayy too excited for those.


They will probably lay under my pillow while I continue to replace all the dry rot.  <_<


UPDATE : April 1st, 2016 


 The Mangoletsi intake does't sit correctly on the stock exhaust manifold...waiting for full exhaust system to get in at the end of May/ June


Also ordered upgraded WolfCreek cv axels from Dave Patton at FuboFab, should get here at the end of April  :D

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