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  1. This is really interesting! Kind of put's a spin on buying cars outside of CA. Are you saying that any car purchased outside has to be inspected? Certainly all those muscle cars with 350 swaps don't get inspected. If it were an issue, it might be worth it to pull the engine and get it inspected then? Or is this something were you are actually trying to get it registered as having an engine swap?
  2. Hey there, I'm moving very soon and need this stuff gone, like yesterday. I'd rather not have to throw this stuff away, and want it all to go to a good home. Most things were sold! Thanks guys. Everything is off a 71' series II 240z. First come, first serve. Sold --orange air box, really good condition Sold --Like new K&N reusable air filter with less than 100 miles (these are like $30 alone!) Sold -- ashtray in good condition -- crack on bottom of ashtray with cig lighter Sold -- windshield wiper reservior Sold -- round top carbs off a 71 (the good kind, will need rebuilding, but worked when i took them off last year) Sold --stock carb heat shield Sold -- Heater console + light PM me, if you want it. Next week it'll all go in the trash if it's still here.
  3. I can't tell from the picture, but could you combine these ITB's and a SK-style intake (with ports on each individual runner) in order to hook up 6 Bosch 02 sensors and measure A/F directly? I'd think that'd be a very precise setup. To trade my Dellortos in for these though, I don't know... Edit : Off topic article on carburetor's http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a25816/lost-art-the-weber-sidedraft-carburetor/
  4. You're completely right Tony, like I said, lesson learned.
  5. I often think about opening a small auto shop in CA but for the very reasons listed above I haven't seriously considered it. I know just to hook up an OBD2 sensor the going price is $100, because the darn machines are so expensive. I think there is good and honest money to be had in this business, but unfortunately rent is so outrageously high down here. Thanks for the tool! However just to clarify, that rate is if you bring your vehicle in and they have to disassemble and reassemble everything.
  6. The only special tool the mechanic required for my knuckle was a disk to fit inside and on the bearing, and a tool for the c - clip. It wasn't a fancy gig. The clerk justified his price by saying the press cost $1500. But I do agree with you, when you go to a mechanic shop you are paying overhead, to include the price of their tools and the convenience. So I checked a couple websites, Harbor Freight, Summit, and the cost of a good 6-ton press can be easily had for $100. Then I checked the price for the press kit. Those range from $30 to $500+ but again, Summit sells a good one for $50. I still need one more hub assembly pressed, and will probably need it done again some time later in my life. I think I might just make the $150 dollar investment now and hook myself and a couple buddies up. So if anyone is in the SD area and needs this done, I'd be happy to do it for ya, for an arm and leg.
  7. You're right, that was my mistake, and I shouldn't of made it. At the time I was just so upset at myself for allowing it to happen. Next time, I'll get the price in writing beforehand. No, it was an old Ford Focus I use as my daily driver. But thank you for teaching me something about my Z After reading your comments again I felt like a huge schmuck. I do understand that shops here in SoCa charge way upwards of $100 an hour for labor. Still I couldn't sleep on it so I looked it up and for any of you who care to learn, here is what is required to press a bearing in/out of a steering knuckle on most modern cars: Proper installation of press-in style front wheel bearing The video is 5 minutes long, and includes a very in depth explanation. What I brought to the mechanic was all the parts, a steering knuckle with the hub and c-clip removed, and all of the bearing, except for the outer ring still inside. The mechanic had to press the ring out, press the new bearing in (doesn't have ABS so who cares what side), press the new hub in, and install the new c-clip. Total time for realistic labor = 3 minutes. I'd expect most mechanics to be able to do it under less. I don't know, I still don't feel like $40 was an honest/fair price.
  8. I feel like I might have overreacted today. I took my steering knuckle in to get the outer ring of my wheel bearing pressed out, and then had them press in a sealed bearing and hub...they wanted $50 and I payed $40 to avoid the cops. Something tells me this should of only been a $30 "tip" and a good ol' fashioned handshake. After all, I wanted to come back the next day with the other hub. Any thoughts?
  9. When I think of historic vehicles, images of cars prior to 1940 pop out. Maybe keep the historical vehicle plates for later and just rock the vintage green ones? They look nice.
  10. Any idea if the 32 GPH these are rated for are good on a triple 45 (choked to 32) carb setup?
  11. SOLD! Hey there! For a faster response, PM me! For Sale: Used MSA 3-2 Header, Square Ports, No Smog Fittings for 70-76 240z-260z-280z, comes with 2.5" piping, and rubber mounting brackets already welded on and drilled, connected to a 2.5" Magnaflow muffler. Location: Southern CA, San Diego area. Local pickup only, sorry. Price: $150 Reason for selling: I purchased the system to use temporarily until my current headers were finished and installed, no longer need them now. I purchased the MSA 3-2 header from Motorsport!, installed it back in April of 2016, and took them off on the 7th of Sept. I put around 500 miles through them, you'll see in the pictures there is a small amount of rust but nothing serious (you'll have to clean them and get them powder coated). The welding was done by Richards Performance Muffler in Oceanside, CA. If you've never heard a Magnaflow exhaust, they're amazingly nice. Sounds like a V8/old race car. Link to MSA add: here If you have any questions please let me know. I switched from the Magnaflow to JDM twin pipes and let me tell you, the twin pipes do not compare! Reason for edit: SOLD
  12. Hi boost, listing stuff in the For Sale part of the forum is for members who have donated.
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